Should I continue?

This blog takes me a long time.

Between my job interviews, my application site to finish my boxing workouts for my next fight and my work sessions with Adonis to prepare his new show at the Olympia, it’s a luxury I can not today hardly offer me.

But this blog is not up to me. No, it is yours and I salute all those who are loyal to him long ago. Thank you, thanks to you my visit counter peaked which I would not have dared to dream, it is for you that I had the courage to continue. And I must admit, at a time when things were going badly, perhaps could I do something stupid without a depressing evening this blog.

Definitely I hesitate to give this blog will miss the blogosphere, you and me.No, I really do not know what to do, my decision will depend on your reactions in the comments.

I do not smoke, I drink too …

But I am concerned to hear all over the voice speaking in favor of a ban on tobacco sales and greater regulation of alcohol consumption.

And I ask you, what government plan, there, “fight against addiction to tobacco, alcohol or cannabis” … frankly, is that it is serious?
Especially since there it is, more and more people stop smoking. Bravo, the damage is already done, there’s something to be proud, here!

Because for me the tobacco and alcohol are now more valuable than ever for our company. In fact I do not even see where the problem is.

Normally, when you leave it, the basic reaction is: “Ugh … another will understand that when one of his relatives will die of smoking And yet..
And even economically it not take his thing 50. % who die there, not to mention the astronomical spending on cancer treatments, talk about a profit. ”

It’s so predictable I gently laughs.
Yes, it’s amazing how you can be fooled by talk peddled by leftist sissies. And vision moralist.

. Because the savings to tobacco and alcohol are beautiful and well colossal
The system is simple to understand: overwhelmingly, people die of these cancers roughly speaking around the age of retirement. So to compare the amount spent addicted to cigarettes is taken from one side: chemo, hospitalization and other medical whatnot.
On the other side, just do the following calculation:
A person who dies of a these cancers has lost what? 15 or 20 years of life expectancy? the state would logically have had to pay him a monthly pension.
To find out what the state saved, so just take the average amount of retirement, multiply it by 12 months, followed by 15 or 20 years …
Yes, it’s a staggering amount, and it is much saved for the taxpayer. Marlboro thank you.

But to me it must go further.
Because the real challenge lies ahead tomorrow is still the baby-boom.

… The cohort sixties.
They flirted on Sheila, some have fantasized about Sherryl Karen (if at one time it was possible), they are collectively responsible for the fashion of the 80s, they spent 40 recent years to self-congratulations for May 68. And they will stop working. Even if the economy is morribonde, even if they still have a good 20 years to live.
Faced with this, what do we do?
An in-depth reform of the pension fund allocation? A massive development of services and entertainment for seniors, just to encourage them to continue to consume and keep the economy?

No, it is not enough.
For me the solution can pass through reform pioneering and courageous: the legalization of hard drugs from 60 years. I also propose to accompany this device a distribution organized by the State of crack pipes for each retirement, with the first free doses.

In 2007, vote for me.

No more kindness, sensitivity to the toilet!

Following my last post, I received a message of support nombreu that made me do chau heart. Well swat, you won, I continue.

But beware, I decided to give a new direction to my blog. Because I talked with lots of friends who know a max girls (Victor example, in addition it seems that he has already made love). And they all told me that if I had trouble finding a girlfriend, it’s because I was much too nice to the girls. Yeah categorical if I continue like this to remain a kind and respectful man, I am condemned to grope me alone until I die. So now this blog will become more mature, it is a new El Riiico who arrives with a new approach girls.

Girl who reads this blog knows that El Riiico2.0 will never respect you. To me, you’re an idiot and will remain, despicable and uninteresting. You got that shit tastes, do not you know you dress up and you got a fat ass if I do not see how you ever find a guy. Nan but true huh, look at yourself, who would go out with you? You think you’d turn on a guy, right? And not you tired even to try to compensate for your physical something else you’re interested in anything, or you’ve got the likes of shit. And I even talking about your conversation you content yourself with comment and repeat the bullshit that pass on TV. Dismal, like your sad and repetitive quotidient of brave sheep.

No sorry, even if it is true that some cock shots in your soft ass would put some rhythm in your life, I do not see how I could get interested in you.

That radasse, answer me at my address. But before this is not to say, I know but do something, your vulva whip it smells here.

PS: If you want to know what I look like, I also put a self-portrait .

The absolute eroticism

Yesterday, on my way to bike to a family lunch, I spotted on my way a little clean and tidy car, which had its rear window sticker with a pixelated babane dancing. Yes, an enlargement of this animated gif found on all tasteful sites:


A bit puzzled, I stop time for a red light at the height of the driver. And there, at the wheel I discovered a great mimie girl, completely unbridled on “Everyone does-is-doing what pleases-please-please him” with his mounted at the bottom. Petite, brunette with glasses with thick black frames and a dark gray shirt simple but suits him well.

There, normal, like any guy who crosses my way down the street a girl he likes, I do nothing. And I start to imagine guys in classic fantasies both playing with a dog in a park, typing on us to one of my boxing workouts, taking us through a finger during a walk to the zoo Saturday afternoon, we threw one over the other in the middle of some small horses madly making love on the Sandy Valentino. But after I lost a moment in my dreams with look into space, I come back to reality and threw him one last look before the imminent green light. It is now abundantly cure the right nostril.
In a dried crust comes out pretty nice size.
And surreptitiously rushes.