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How to learn English fast and easy

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - May 5, 2017

Learning English is the goal par excellence of many people and if you are here is because I suppose you are already considering studying the language, so I congratulate you because it is a great decision. However, I must say that it is not a simple task, but important things never are and your effort will be more than rewarded when you can proudly introduce in your curriculum that you have a high level of English and you can demonstrate developing any conversation . That’s my mission today: Teach you como aprender ingles sozinho e rapido .

I will tell you about 9 very important aspects that you can not leave aside if you really want to learn English from home and in a short time, are very simple things that can make the difference between the success or failure of your learning process, I recommend that you pay close attention and apply each one of them:


    1. Planning is important if you want to learn English fast


As in everything in life it is very important that you have a clear plan, where you set the time you spend studying English , the level you want to achieve after a period of time or the date you would like to study official titles like Cambridge.

Learning a language  is not something that you will achieve without effort and consistency, so if you think that memorizing 10 words a week within 1 year and you will be an Anglo-Saxon expert, you are only proving that you have no idea how to learn English, so you I recommend that you forget right now: Awareness is the most important factor.

    1. Learn English in a scalar manner

It is very important that if you have never studied English seriously and consequently your level is practically zero, establish a scalar learning where you start with the easiest and end with the most complicated, something like this:

      • First month:  Learn more than 100 typical phrases of the language and start reading them aloud trying to vocalize a perfect pronunciation (I recommend using Google Translator for this work). Here you will find the 300 most used with which you can start
      • Second month:  Some basic grammar and learn 100 words you did not know (always reading them aloud by comparing the pronunciation).
      • Third month:  Start in the basic tenses ( here you can consult them ), something like the present, the past and the future plus its continuous variable and memorize 100 new words.
      • Fourth month:  Continue with verbal tenses including perfect forms and different types of future and memorize 100 new words and some prepositions ( Point out that I leave you here ).
      • Fifth month:  Learn the correct use of modal verbs and deepen the tenses.
      • Sixth month:  Keep up with advanced tenses (including Reported Speech) and memorize 100 more words.
      • Seventh month:  conditional forms and 100 more words.
      • Rest of months:  Review everything you have learned previously and learn 100 new words each month. I also recommend studying the separation of words and the consequent formation of these by means of derivative morphemes. You will see how from here your goal of learning real English is becoming a reality

I do not say that this is the best plan for learning and to tell the truth, the best planning you will have to determine yourself according to your time and the techniques to learn English that you use.

    1. Spelling and pronunciation


Although it is true that when learning a new language are accustomed to commit less misspellings than in our native language, it is never more important to look at how words are constructed and thus avoid misspellings.

Pronunciation is one of those great forgotten when it comes to learning English. If we learn a language is supposed to use it and, for the moment, the most typical way of expressing itself is with sounds. To begin to communicate in English it is very important to listen to the pronunciation every time we learn a new word and try to imitate it.

If our pronunciation of English imitates the sounds of Spanish, all we will get is that our English companions ask us in which language we speak.

    1. Give a sense to the trip

Yes, I compare learning English with a trip in which you aim to achieve a goal that is clearly able to speak, hear and understand English perfectly, but: Why do you want to learn English? Make the answer to this question something that really gives you all the energy you need to complete the trip.

It can be a trip abroad, an increase in your job or a new job that will bring you more benefits, the possibility of emigrating from your country or whatever, the truth is that English opens a large number of doors and goes a lot Beyond the cache of being able to greet your English teacher speaking the language, find something that motivates you and keeps you motivated throughout the process, so it has to be something that really makes sense for you.

    1. Make the process fun

One of the reasons why many people end up dropping out of their English courses is because they lose motivation and to a large extent it is because the whole process ends up being boring and it is just for that reason that I recommend that you create your own learning system where You feel at ease and have fun in the whole process.

If you like computing, for example, use any of the resources that I will give you a little more down to this theme: Books, movies, audios, apps or whatever you want, here are some ideas …

    1. Compulsory monthly reading

The concentration you can get a book is a great ally when it comes to studying the structure of English sentences and learning new words (as long as you look for the meaning of words that are not understood, otherwise this would not serve anything ).

From here I recommend reading a book adapted to your level every month, it does not have to be a book of 300 pages or much less, you can begin little by little with comic books or children’s stories until further progress: 80 pages are enough if you read With attention and looking for everything that is not understood.

Find the motivation you need looking for a book that really interests you, it may be a book that you have already read the Spanish version or you can use books like “This book is the Milk” that we talk about in this publication: Click here to see the books . You will be surprised to learn that you already know enough English.

    1. Films and series subtitled, the paradigm to learn English

The fact of having a language such as Spanish as a native language makes us associate letters with sounds that in English are not pronounced the same. This is why studies show that people who watch movies or series are 30% more average than a person with exactly the same hours of study.

You should keep in mind that trying to learn English with movies or series without having any previous knowledge of English can be practically impossible. This activity is very beneficial for intermediate levels, because if your level is low you will probably spend hours and hours without understanding anything.

There is an eternal debate between using subtitles in English or in Spanish. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Using English subtitles will help you know how to listen to everything in detail, with the possibility of not understanding some words. For his part, using the subtitles in Spanish will force you to associate what was heard with what was written. Our recommendation is that you start with English subtitles, and later change to Castilians.

    1. Learn English with songs, the definitive trick to learning English

One of the best tips to learn English that experts give with the arrival of platforms like YouTube or Vimeo is to learn English with songs. This technique consists of simply using the great catchy power of English songs to memorize more words in less time while improving our hearing and pronunciation.

Songs are a resource that will help you  learn English easy and fun: Sing songs you like, pay special attention to the words you have never heard and learn to pronounce them as they sound in the song; In a few months you will be surprised with the results.

But be careful, if you do not use them properly you may end up wasting your time or even could have adverse effects, in this article ( How to learn English with songs ) I explain in detail the pros, cons and the best ways to use the method

  1. Go out, talk to english

Here is one of the great mistakes that every language student makes when he thinks he knows English: a language is not learned from books, it is learned by listening and talking. If you already have a minimum level to understand and express complex sentences, I invite you to go out, look for foreigners and talk to them. You will be surprised to discover the confidence that you will acquire.

This method is not only good for learning English, but it will also help you lose the embarrassment implicit in speaking in a language that is not ours. Has it never happened to you that in private you are able to do surprisingly long sentences but when you actually talk to someone it seems that you speak with monosyllables? I am sure that yes, and that is that the shame is a determining factor when it comes to communicating.

Although this can not be a very simple task because not everyone has someone nearby who speaks English, fortunately you have many alternatives on the internet like duolingo and similar platforms with which you can learn English from home.

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Customize with decorative vinyl

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - April 17, 2017

No doubt we all want to emphasize something in particular. Some by their dress, others by their speech, others for their personality itself, some more for your car. For all lovers make your car an extension of your own person, mytcc have some recommendations to make this process of total satisfaction.


Your car, the design and material, the most important

Given the model of your car, your style and category Think carefully about the design. Come with a professional tunning or with whom you can make a model of your car with vinyl assembled, because that will get a close view of how it will look after work. Within decals, signs, prints, textures and other materials there are great varieties, so your biggest problem will be choosing. Choose good quality material because it depends on how you see your car and durability of work. In that sense we remind you that “cheap is expensive” and that it is often better to invest a little more but make sure that a good job will be done. After all, your car is worth it or not?




A spring design

Your car can look as attractive as you want, remember it is very important to have a prior model for the design look as close to reality. What do you think about this very spring decoration?



Deportivo o fast and furious

Sports or bold stripes like flames on the sides of your car are a classic way to customize it. It is best to choose a stripes that look good on your vehicle. Agencies that make tuning can suggest you various types of bands, but especially the color contrast is what is going to give that touch so showy and flashy.

Let your car shine where to go!

A very colorful and increasingly sought alternative is personalizatr vehicles with mirror vinyl color gold or silver. This style will make your car, din doubt, call attention wherever you go.



Texture details in decorative vinyl

Another way to customize your vehicle is giving a touch of texture in some parts. The hood, doors, trunk, canopy, usually the most recurrent. You should look for vinyl that textures are attractive and combine well with the very model of your vehicle.


And how about a color change only?

Labeling or customize your car with vinyl can be as basic as changing the color quickly, easily and inexpensively. Many people want to just change the color and also get doing it with the original paint of your vehicle is protected vinyl.


the imagination is the limit

Customize your car or vinyl kneecap, there are a variety of styles, colors, shapes, textures and materials. If you need advice or have a particular idea in Stampalo we help.

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The Perfect Guide to Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - April 17, 2017

It seems easy to  choose Kitchen Faucet , but you must take into account, apart from the price, several factors that will influence your choice such as functionality, aesthetics, size of sink, etc.

In addition, the Gryphon will undoubtedly be one of the elements most used in a kitchen, since there will be rare the day when not used less than 10 or 15 times.

With these little tips I’m going to give you next, I hope you can choose the Best faucet in your kitchen and be the right one for you.

A) First: Take measures

In order to choose a kitchen faucet, you must first take the measurements of your sink , or otherwise know which sink is going to be installed in your kitchen, if you are going to do a kitchen remodel.




  • If the sink is small in size , it is advisable to choose a kitchen faucet that does not have the high spout , as this will save water splashes on the countertop.
  • If the kitchen sink is large , it is strongly recommended that you install a Removable Faucet . Since this kind of faucets will allow you to get water pots or even cubes with more comfort.

B) Choose the Tap Type according to the functionality

1-Monomando Faucets


They are the most common because their   value for money ratio is very good . They are quite simple to install, and with only one handle is enough to regulate the water flow and temperature.

Kitchen Faucet with Modern and Minimalist Design of Three Faucets

 See more Characteristics and prices of this Griffin


2- Triggerable Faucets

The choice of Kitchen Faucets are becoming more common in kitchens. They are widely used in kitchens, which have a faucet under the window with fluttering leaves and this is an obstacle when opening the window or some annoying closet.

Other advantages of the Faucets are that they are usually single-lever type and very durable.


The Faucet you see in the previous photo I have already placed in several kitchens with sinks on window with leaves tilted-flaps. It has been a perfect solution to be able to open and close the window freely.

3- Removable Faucets

The Extractable Faucets , really useful and practical, are increasingly common in our kitchens., As we allow reach places where other kinds of taps do not , and are particularly suitable for large or multiple breasts sinks.


C) Design, Style or Aesthetics

Modern Style Kitchen Faucet

The style or aesthetics of the faucet is also one of the criteria that you must take into account for the choice of the Kitchen Faucet, since it should be in accordance with both the furniture (furniture, tiles, etc) and especially with the finishes of the handles ( The metal with which they are coated).

It is recommended that the design of the faucet should be totally in line with the rest of the aesthetics of the kitchen, because although it is a very important element, it is almost never used as a differentiating element.

Kitchen Faucets can be found in various finishes: glossy, opaque or satin and even models that combine various finishes such as gold, black, white, pewter or nickel.


C) Other things to keep in mind.

Various Finishes of Kitchen Faucets


Other important things you should know is for example:

1 – Temperature Regulation:   Thanks to the advent of new technologies, the thermostatic faucets are becoming very fashionable (they allow to regulate the temperature so that it is always constant ).

2- LED lights:  Also, although I have seen this very little, there are faucets with LED lights to give the flow of water a color.


In summary…


  • The first thing you have to do is measure the available space.
  • Tilting Faucets allow us to be able to open and close windows freely
  • For Large Sinks, the perfect choice can be a Removable Faucet.
  • Keep in mind also the finishes and other more technological things like security measures, lights and temperature graduation.
  • First of all, be practical, that is, look beyond the design and aesthetics, if it meets the functions required by your kitchen: safety measures, size, etc.
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The Deltanet Employee Portal

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - April 3, 2017

employee portal login delta

Click the above button or click here to login

A delta airlines web portal employee reports that they will not only help you with your career


Delta Extranet is a website created by Delta Airlines for its employees, retirees and business partners. If you are an employee or retiree of Delta airlines you can log in to your website to gain access to the website. Depending on your current situation as an employee, you have to click on the link that describes your status and you will be taken to the registration page where you can complete your username and password to access the portal. Only Delta employees can access this site, although as an employee they can not obtain information, as well as reach Delta related business processes.

As a Delta Airlines employee, the Employee Portal provides you with information that not only helps you with your career but also can get information about your taxes, as well as your benefits. By logging on to this portal that has no contact with the Human Resources Department for any questions you may have about your benefits, you can get most of the answers here. You can also get information about the company, news related to the company, as well as their schedules and their travel guide.

As a Delta business partner, you have to log in through the section that is meant for you. Although you will not be able to access the same information as the employees, you will be able to access the pages pertinent to your state. These pages have information about the company as well as information about the processes to do their business.

If they are not connected with the company in any way but are one of the travelers that use this airlines, this site can still give valuable information. There is information for travelers like airline schedules and up-to-date travel information that can be very useful. The delta employee portal is also now accessible through any mobile device that can connect to the internet. This means that you are not limited to using a computer to access this site but you can get all the information even on the go.

This airlines is a company that serves all continents and has about 5000 flights daily. It also employs over 80.00 employees worldwide. With Delta’s website it has made it very easy for all your employees around the world to keep in touch with your information and take care of your careers. Also the information that is available on this site regarding employees is very safe and can not be accessed by anyone without proper authorization.

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Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - March 18, 2017

We are in the days of raising new goals and may have some already put some into practice. Eat healthier, quit smoking, join the gym … They sound like you, huh? Health is what matters most to us – and it must be! – and that is why you must include in your list of objectives to travel more. We do not lie: different experts point out that traveling makes us happier and you know that feeling good, releasing serotonin and all that, in the long run contributes to our general well-being. So go out the agenda, look for bridges, days off, vacations … and think about all those trips that will bring you in 2017. Where? You can take a map and throw a dart or take note of the top destinations for this year:

1. Bhutan. Located at the foot of the Himalayas, this small Asian country is giving talk for a reason: it is considered one of the countries with the highest happiness rate. We do not know if it will be for the tibetan modus vivendi , but we have no doubt about the beauty of its temples and its landscapes. Maybe we’ll have to come up with an Eastern Waynabox to get us there this year …


2. Santorini. Raise your hand those who have been around the Greek Islands sometime. If you have raised it, we do not need to justify why. And if it is not your case, you already know the saying of “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so pay attention and understand why all the flowers and society and  multiple  celebrities travel here without stopping.


3. Lyon. This is not the first Waynabox destination that sneaks into the list; You see that here we send you a secret getaway to very top destinations. Since the beginning of Waynabox this has been one of the destinations that has surprised our travelers and that clearly fulfills that it does not need to travel thousands of km to discover incredible corners of the planet. This city of the south-east of France is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a great medieval charm.


4. Malta. The islands never fail and, after Santorini, the beautiful beaches of Malta also slip on the list. We already discussed once the reasons why you should go to Malta sometime . Now you just have to encourage and visit.


5. Denmark. The European Parliament has declared Aarhus, Danish city, as European Capital of Culture this 2017. This mention will be carnaza for the tourists who, in their step, will be dropped by the beautiful capital of Denmark. Famous for its quays and colorful houses, Copenhagen has charms for everyone: from its famous main square to the Tivoli amusement park, the oldest in Europe, passing by the well-known statue of The Little Mermaid. Ah! And let’s not forget its gastronomy, a sin for your senses.


6. The Iron. The thing is islands and the truth is that we do not need to go far to discover some of the most beautiful on the planet … Exactly a time zone less: the Canaries. And if Tenerife or Lanzarote triumph year after year, this 2017 comes to El Hierro. The most western of the Canaries is considered Geopark according to UNESCO and is one of the most beautiful natural sites. If you want to relax, this is your island.


7. Montreal. This year it’s time to cross the Atlantic and head for Canada. But beyond the big cities – that you must visit – what will attract more of the region are its natural parks. Wonderful landscapes!


8. Bulgaria. Considered a crossroads between Europe and the East, this country offers spectacular sights to see. Its capital Sofia, one of the most recent Waynabox destinations, dazzles with its architectural beauty.

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the center of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria against the blue morning sky with colorful clouds



9. Naples. Italy never ceases to amaze us and this 2017 Naples will be the focus of attention. Its historic center is a World Heritage Site and it is that this city emanates art, culture and history from all corners. And, of course, it is worth mentioning its gastronomy: here was born the “Neapolitan” specialty of pizzas and pastas. It is half an hour from Pompeii, another must visit .


10. Boston. We cross the Atlantic again this time to go north of the big city of New York. Boston is another must-see for visitors to the East Coast of North America and is considered the oldest city in the United States. Center of art and culture, besides having prestigious universities is also a well of history of the origins of the United States.


Thinking about your travels of the year? Add a Waynabox surprise getaway to your list and surprise yourself as never before with a more spontaneous, unexpected and exciting way to travel.

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How to be Blogger: That’s how I started.

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - March 17, 2017


I was talking to you about my first time recently, although I did it a little above, going on tiptoe, very white everything and not being too concrete. Today, however, I want to talk about Excentrya and I hope to tell it all; Dirty rags, good and bad experiences. Because, like everything in life, this had a beginning. I was not born blogger, I had to learn.

I needed to write, I needed a platform to hang my stories (something I’ve never quite done), I had just finished the draft of my novel  Morgan’s Rules . It was the third draft that ended and the second I dared to send to the publishers, the first one (in which I still work) passed with more sorrow than glory by many publishers, without more annoyance than a couple of thank-you notes, the Typical: Sorry, but we’re not interested. There were also some pre-release offers on a case by case basis, but in that, I’m the one who’s not interested.

To be or not to be a blogger …

It had been a year away from blogs and writing in general. My previous blog The Field Book, had been stopped for almost a year and totally abandoned, received visits, but never more than 10 every day, most days much less. I remember doing great articles, doing a lot of research, getting into the stories and getting the best juice possible.

I admit that I also got a bit tertullian on some issues, but they always say that controversy sells . In my case was never true, the only thing I did was to have an argument with someone on twitter and then made me unfollow. At that moment I sat like a shot, right now I’m glad, people who do this kind of thing shows their lack of tolerance of other people’s opinions. The asshole the farther, the better.

I did not feel too strong, and the enthusiasm when I embarked on this trip was the same as Bilbo felt after spending the first night with the dwarves: between 0 and -1. I was not sure, but I had a good idea, I wanted to have a shop window, I wanted to catch readers. I wanted to work out an audience, numbers for my cover letter to publishers , faithful readers to sell my material to.

I was not convinced by the subject, but, I started. You do not know, but I suffer from crises in which I want to stop writing forever every two or three months, sometimes I suffer every month. According to how I feel the morning coffee. If I threw myself for a year without writing more than two sentences in a row, it was on the one hand, because I was with other things and had no time, and on the other hand, because I did not feel like tackling the blank sheet.

Hamlet, blogger, blog

This changed, by chance (these things usually are). My sister came with the foundations of a literary contest ( Ciutat de Vila-real ), I read them and thought maybe I should introduce myself; Story, 30 or 40 pages on both sides, free theme I introduce myself? I let it be? Am I worth it for this? Typical. In the end I put myself.

I wrote after a long time, at first I felt rusty, but the feeling passed quickly. The thing became long, of the 70 pages that had planned happened to almost 100 (I think that the final draft has about 96). Without realizing I had fallen in love with the story and its protagonist, a mistreated woman who has no name . Not knowing very well how I gave birth to what was going to be my first published novel (quiet, is less) The Norms of Morgan.

By the way, I did not get to present the story.

And this roll? Because because of that draft, I had the idea to make this blog. I still felt the adrenaline in my veins and needed to talk to the world, to tell them that I had finished my novel, and that everyone had to read it, because it was good. She was very good. Father’s love What am I going to say?

So it was time to launch myself and make a blog.

I will not hide, I am not one of those. I like to say things as they are. If I rode Excentrya that was why. Because; To earn some money. I could say, like many others, that I did not get into this for the pasta, but, unlike them, I prefer to be sincere, with me and with you.

Excentrya? Why Excentrya?

I did not even know how I would call it, I did not want to put my name, nor did I want to put long and weird names in style: The little bookstore of horrors and burning mojas that dance foxtrot on Saturday nights with lost books that I like to read and I am also a Sagittarius . I did not want a cheesy name either and I think my best names had already been used for other blogs: Suicidas Sociales, Sirocos y Silencios, Caverna del androide, Diarios blancos, El Cuaderno Negro (all my corpses, I’ll always remember you)

Then rummaging through the huge rubbish bin that is Internet found, a name generator ( this to be exact). Pressing the button without stopping appeared Excentrya , and I stayed with him … Why? I do not know. It was a crush, I suppose.

Being a blogger was never my dream. Being a blogger was not even something I liked. It was not on my dream slate to fulfill, it was not even on my list of interests. I had some blogs, but they were just random thoughts on lonely days, a piece here, half a story there, an article, a complaint, a whimper, a bastard poem. Was that being a blogger? I did not like it at all.

But Excentrya had to be different, I could not burn again. I already had my place in the net, even though it was a cave, hidden in the undergrowth, a dark and distant place, lost among millions of caves very similar to mine. The worst thing about being part of a constellation is being lost among millions of twin stars. How would they know what mine is?

You’re already inside, what now?

To this day I do not even know how I started. I remember that I had certain ideas: I will do it and do the other. I will write this here on such a day. I think I even had a ” calendar of publications “, anyway, if I had never got to meet him. I had too many ideas, I wanted to do too much.

I have already said the problem that I have to focus on something. For those who are out of my mind and do not understand; It’s like having a hornet wasp full of rabid wasps. Even as I write this, I’m thinking about many things at once, short whole paragraphs and I hit them elsewhere … I’m a naive writer , I’m a chaos, I never focus on anything (my girlfriend makes her crazy), I’m like Jack Keroack, if I can get to San Francisco then I think of St. Louis … or Denver … and I have to go …

Starting up was a mess, if you’ve ever driven on mud you’ll know what I’m talking about, the car starts skidding and lurching, and you have to juggle the steering wheel so it does not end up stamped against a tree. So I started with this.

One day I used to put funny pictures, one day I wrote an extensive and well-documented article about a Seattle vending machine that turns out to be haunted, one day I wrote about how fucked up it is to publish with a stone age editorial system … every Day a different story. And that did not work.

Then I went back to the huge garbage can. I needed to understand what it means to have a blog , Excentrya was a messy drawer full of things, most of them meaningless. I was falling in love, I enjoyed writing, retouching the template, writing for my readers ( my two readers ) … but I missed something … Luckily, Google always seems willing to answer your questions.

There are millions of guides, millions of tricks, tips, things you have to do to be the best blogger . Fortunately, I found the one I needed, and after spending a lot of time immersed in the pursuit of wisdom, I assure you that it is not easy: every three guides or advice, two are pure shit. Well after much searching I found what I was looking for: I needed to focus . The shit Burlancaster …

How was I going to focus? Focus on what? I would have to focus on my writing … but then … there are many things that I can not tell my readers: about the house that, the forest, and the photo is that I have found, and the type that one … a Horror … Do I have to focus? There are too many interesting things, too many stimuli out there, too many stories that I wanted to tell you, too many eccentric and wonderful characters that I wanted to introduce you. But that article was right, for a blog to work, you need to focus on a topic.

Excentrya had been online for many months, and for the first time in my life, I kept myself faithful, I wrote at least twice a week. I could not let it die, I could not let it get lost in the galaxy of dead blogs on Google, I had to do something. If the solution, if the way to go forward, was to focus, then you would.

And I focused, I made sure that my head kept in place, I bought a domain of my own, it was my way of saying: this is serious, man, this is for real, keep going. And I focused, and I kept going.

What does a guy like you do in a blog like this?

I had no idea of ​​business, I’m not a brand, not a computer guru, I wanted to write, wanted to make my work known, wanted to make me known as a writer . And that was what he should have done from the beginning; Write so people could see what I’m doing.

In the end I did. I stuck to a single topic, writing Why? Because I love to write, I hate to write, I want to stop writing, but I can not live without writing. Writing is what gives me the best, and I continue to learn with each post, with each story I write, with each letter, with each word.

Being a blogger turned out to be so much more than having a page for me to leave my shits on. Being a blogger taught me to write better, to teach others what I do, to be a blogger taught me to be constant in something (which always cost me horrors), being a blogger approached wonderful people who share the same passion that I ( Whether blogs or literature), taught me to share, to seek support, to support. I found my pack .

How to be a blogger, blogger, write, blog

And in the meantime I came here. After almost a year, Excentrya has gone through a lot of stress: changes of mastery, changes of templates (it takes more cosmetic surgery than Stallone) and lastly a change of platform, all with a goal: to improve and to grow for you.

I started by chance, without having things clear, without having a way, not knowing very well what to do or what to say, and over time, with the effort and dedication I managed to find my way.

Now when Excentrya is too short for a year to come I can say that I still have a long way to go …

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Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - March 17, 2017


Yes, today I go and talk about Ikea :-), but this blog is always always like and almost never disappoints me. The blog Ikea, where there are millions of ideas, and where everything is so carefully …




What I like most is how Ikea products show us mixed with other things, which clearly is the trick. The houses decorated only with Ikea can already get us tired, but how is the mix? Actually it’s that I’m very mixing, because in the mix is ​​the key!



Ikea really has things that are going to become classics. In my opinion that car of the middle picture or the plastic chairs on the terrace are on their way.

A blog magazine where to find sure inspiration.

Happy Thursday!

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What you should know about making money with a blog before wasting time

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - March 16, 2017

You have also considered creating a blog to earn money. Make no mistake because it is not easy. You’d better know what to expect before you start.

You also have a neighbor who earns more than 1,000 euros with a blog. Besides, the kid is 16 years old. With the training you have, it can not be so complicated to do even better than him. Is not that what you think?


Making money with a blog is not easy

The bad news is that it is not as easy as it may seem at first. Making money with a blog takes a lot of work. Few get to gain relevant amounts because they are unwilling to invest the time needed to reach the goal.


Some Important Facts About Blogging You Should Know Before You Begin

To give you an idea about the effort that is required to generate income with a blog I present some relevant data on motivation, profitability, publication frequency, time per post, growth, etc.

The most important thing when it comes to being successful with a blog is to have things clear and know what to expect. If you think that to make money with a blog is enough to do 2 or 3 sprints you are wrong. This is a background race where Haile Gebrselassie wins a Usain Bolt.

1. Motivation : 95% of bloggers leave their blog before the first year .

2. Revenue : To earn 150 euros with a blog you need approximately 100,000 visits .

3. Time : A short post has 400 words and requires a minimum of 1 hour of elaboration .

4. Frequency :   According to the competition in your niche you have to publish 1-7 days a week .

5. Growth : Turning 100 visitors into 100 readers requires the same amount of days .

6. Sale : The price of a blog is the monthly income multiplied by 12-24.

Before starting the blog if your goal is to make money

If your goal from the beginning is to generate income with a blog, you must perform some previous tasks. Most bloggers looking for a return on investment of their activity forget that the level of difficulty can vary greatly depending on the topic they are dealing with. Investing a few days of research before you start can multiply the profitability by 10-20 if it hits the spot.

  • Market study: conduct a previous market study to find the right niche in which you do not face so much competition or you can cover a fringe that the rest does not touch yet.
  • Focus on high profitability themes : choose themes that give more eCPM at the advertising level. The difference between creating a finance blog or a football blog can in some cases assume the factor 20-30 in favor of the first.
  • Choose according to personal interest : in the long run it is more important to maintain motivation than profitability depending on the theme. Writing about life insurance is economically attractive but just as it is more complicated to maintain the illusion in this niche.

How to earn more than 2,000 euros a month with a blog

If you have not been discouraged by the fact that having a blog that reads requires work maybe you have the opportunity to earn 1,000-3,000 euros a month or more some day. Only those who are able to maintain a high publication frequency for 18-36 months and are very consistent in their work can aspire to achieve this income target.

1. Do not bet only on online advertising

The same is now better understood that if you want to make money with a blog you have to diversify the sources of income. Winning 1 euro per thousand impressions would require 1 million advertising impacts equivalent to approximately 500,000 visits to earn 1,000 euros per month.

2. Create your own products

An e-book can be a way of promotion if you offer it without cost but also can contribute you income in your blog. One of the bloggers I follow years ago (Darren Rowse of   problogger.net ) earns approximately 10,000-20,000 euros each month with the sale of his digital books. There are several cases of authors who have managed to publish their book online and have had unexpected successes. David Cantone explains in his blog how Amazon can help you sell your own book online .

3. Generate revenue with affiliate marketing

Not the blog to follow to learn about affiliate marketing is my recent discovery “Live from the Net” by German blogger Alex Navarro. Charging in a successful model where you only earn money if you generate sales to the advertiser is not the way that makes you feel really comfortable if you do not know the keys to generating income in a CPA and CPL model .

4. Have a list of subscribers

The most advanced bloggers no longer compare the number of visits to a blog but the number of subscribers. It is the most valuable thing you can have since each shipment allows you to generate sales. It is easy to “burn” a database so it is more important to bring value in the short term than to earn 2 or 3 euros more.


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What I love

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - March 16, 2017

You know what I admire most about people?

No, it is not professional success, personal success or any other status that supposedly defines it.

What I love is the way she sees her life, and that of others around her.

The way she smiles. An easy, sincere laugh. That lights the day of those who are around, and makes us believe that life can be beautiful.

I like those who know how to keep quiet, without interests, without an appointment. From that conversation that makes you lose track of time.

Taste itself is one who has character, who becomes a person worthy of respect. Of those people who are not interested in ways to pass the leg, but rather to embrace with affection, to welcome the soul, without thinking of rewards.

Any form of exaggeration intrigues me. I believe that excesses are mere attempts to show what you are not. So I prefer lightness.

The serenity awakens me peace.

Come to me calmly. Sit down, pull up a chair. Tell me with your eyes everything that you have hidden for so long from yourself. I promise to welcome you with open arms.

But please do not try to convince me of what you are not. It will be in vain and will make you spend an energy indispensable for your integrity. Do not waste your time on this.

I like essences.

The world is thirsting for humility and gentleness. Practice without moderation.

I really like people who are dedicated to seeing a little beyond your world. That for a few moments to notice the other. Who understands that life only makes sense when shared with someone we love.

Simplicity fascinates me.

I like the one who carries the stars in his eyes, and continues to illuminate lives wherever he goes.

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Why, why, why?

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - March 16, 2017

Within the ranking of doubts and hesitations, there is one that stands high: the difference between why, why, why and why  in all its variants, ie, together or separate, with or without tilde .

Let’s start with the variant in two words and with tilde: why. This is a combination of a preposition (by) and an interrogative or, sometimes, exclamative  (what).  It serves to ask for the cause of something. Their most frequent and clearest use is found in direct interrogative sentences:

(1)  Why do not you get married?

If we read aloud the previous sentence, we will realize that  what  is tonic . That explains that carries a diacritical accent  that distinguishes it from other parks  in prayer lack prosodic accent .

Why  it is also used in indirect interrogative sentences, such as:

(2) I do not know why you do not marry.

As we see, here the interrogative  what  is tonic, justifying its diacritical accent. In the previous sentence, we can recognize that we are faced with an indirect question because we have the possibility of constructing the corresponding direct question:

(3) There is one thing I do not know: why do not you marry?

If we are clear of this first use, the second is also within reach, that is, together and without tilde: because.  In eighty percent of cases, this is nothing but the answer to a “why”:

(4) Why do not I marry? Because I do not feel like it.

In the previous example we have the complete sequence of question and answer: Why …? Because …  Needless to say, the question can be understood and that we can find the blessed because  without a previous question, as here:

(5) He did not marry because he did not want to.

But then we can ask the corresponding question, as is easy to verify. Whenever we can find him a why?  To ours because, you  will mean that it is written together and without accent. In this use, because it  is a causal conjunction, that is, it has the function of introducing a sentence that explains the motive of something.

Thirdly we have the why,  in a word, with tilde and with the article ahead. This is a noun that comes from the lexicalization of the interrogative sequence that we saw in the first place. We can paraphrase it as the motive.  It is always written together and accented and is the easiest to recognize thanks to the article, which is mandatory in front. Let’s look at an example:

(6) When analyzing the reason for that optical illusion, I soon find its cause [José Ortega y Gasset: Ideas and beliefs ].

Since it is a noun for all purposes, we can even pluralize it:

(7) When I analyze the reasons  for this optical illusion, I soon find its cause.

It is easy to make sure that, as we said, it can be replaced by the substantive motive:

(8) When analyzing the motive of that optical illusion, I soon find its cause.

(9) When I analyze the motives of that optical illusion, I soon find its cause.

The least frequent sequence is the one that is written in two words and without tilde: why.  I leave it to the end because, for practical purposes, it is the one that presents us the least difficulties, since it appears in few occasions. Here we can have two very different syntactic structures under the same form. In the first case, it is a preposition governed by a verb followed by a conjunction. It can not be fused in a word precisely because the preposition depends on the verb:

(10) The governor was concerned that the electoral process had developed smoothly.

The verb to worry governs the preposition by; To worry is to worry about something  It is no longer that fusing the preposition with the conjunction that  comes to be like stripping  the verb of something that belongs to it, is that if we do this the meaning can be modified radically. Compare the sentence (10) with this one:

(11) The governor was concerned that the electoral process had developed neatly.

If example (10) meant that the governor put all his efforts into ensuring the cleanliness of the process, in (11) what we have is a causal conjunction and what indicates is that the cleaning of the process is a cause of concern for the governor; Come on, he does not have much interest in the elections being clean. Whereas the verb of (10) has the meaning of ‘to occupy’, that of (11), on the other hand, has to ‘worry’. With a simple lack of spelling we are turning the meaning around and we can be slandering an entire servant of the state (imagine what we can organize).

The preposition can also depend on a noun (12) or even an adjective. In these cases the writing is kept in two words and without accent:

(12) Company announcements show interest in corporate colors having a symbolic meaning [Elena Añaños et al .: Psychology and advertising communication ].

The other syntactic structure that can be hidden behind this spelling is that formed by the coaparition of a preposition and a relative pronoun (13). It is a cultured and, for that reason, rare. It is not too difficult to recognize because it admits the insertion of an article, as we see in (14):

(13) The reason why the prince commands should be only that God sends it to him [Benito Jerónimo Feijoo: The finest politics ].

(14) The reason why  sends the prince should only do so by God commands.

And finally, in order to finish going crazy, there is a case that admits the spelling in two words or in one, but always without accent: when the string sequence has final value, that is, when it indicates a for what,  as in (15) and (16):

(15) I will fight for the truth to be known (= so that it is known)

(16) I will fight because the truth is known (= so that it is known)

Both (15) and (16) are correct.

And that’s it. If you have come here, I congratulate you because you have been constant … or, wait, how was it to be written?

Anyway, the best thing for you to realize is that you do an exercise .

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The “Accounting Toolbox”

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - March 1, 2017

An additional book on accounting, when these are already very numerous. This remark is fully justified however the construction of this book is really different.

A construction in the form of tool sheets 

For each theme: a diagram, a synthesis, the advantages, the precautions to be taken … It is a binding construction for the editor but it gives the reader a clear clarity. Indeed, this construction leads the author to truly focus on key messages: what does the reader need to retain on a theme? From this point of view this mode of construction is close to the way in which vocational training is developed. The focus in this book is therefore on the unavoidable messages that the reader should retain rather than on the exhaustiveness of the content on a theme.

A broad target beyond the professionals of the accounting and financial function

Accounting is the tool that serves as the basis for the processing of economic information in an enterprise, many are its users. To be efficient in the use of the accounting tool, it is essential to master its framework of practice, its rules, its language, its conventions … For this reason, this book is addressed both to the accountants who for some Have lost the overall view of the accounting system. Indeed, the specialization of tasks, the automation of data entry operations and, in general, the implementation of integrated software packages contribute to the loss of the fundamentals of the business. This book should allow all accountants to revisit their accounting knowledge.

This book is also intended for non-specialists in accounting. It aims to make them discover the accounting, its rules and its documents. It can therefore be useful to all those who, in the exercise of their trade, use accounting documents or are in contact with the accounting function as information providers or as clients.

Finally, students may be interested in this book because it is not only a technical book of learning. It is written by a professional in touch with the reality of the practice of accounting trades in companies. The various themes are tackled with a practical approach oriented on the important stakes of the business accounting today. You also check bookkeeping Brisbane for more tips.

The mastery of fundamentals

Accounting is a simple and logical technique that has been complicated by successive accounting regulations. The operations carried out by companies are also more complex today. To cope with this growing complexity, a perfect mastery of the fundamentals of the accounting technique is the first requirement to be able to then evolve in the function. This is the objective of the 7 parts of this book, where 48 tools are developed to acquire or revisit the skills required for the current practice of the accounting profession.

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My tips to get more followers on Instagram

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - February 24, 2016

Get new followers on Instagram takes time and dedication. However, there are some methods to help you get users to follow your profile, comment on your photos and show interest in them.

These tips below will help you get followers Instagram more . Use them together and put into practice those that give you better results.

  1. Make sure your profile is publicA private account in Instagram lets you view your photos only to those you authorize. This will make it harder to get followers and those who do not know you might be unmotivated to seek your friendship.
    Get more followers by changing your profile to one that is public . If properly you control the information you share your photos public account can be as reliable and secure as a private.
    In my case, my profile in Instagram is set to public, making it easy for others to see my photos and this so start to follow.
  2. Follow other users of InstagramOne of the objectives of Instagram is to allow people to connect with each other.Therefore, it is not enough only to share your own photos, but you should also follow other users who publish their own. As in Twitter , following other users You will demonstrate that you are in this network to link with other users. This will motivate people to find your profile to follow to connect with you.
    Follow those who share photos that catch your attention, that stand out for their originality or show you places that do not even know. Search among those popular pictures that you like.
  3. Write comments and answer your followersInstagram the button ” Like ” serves to let other users know that you like the photos they have posted. But this is not the only resource that you show your interest accounts.You can also write comments on those photos to let them know what you think about them. This has an advantage: Your username will be visible and other users may be interested in knowing more about you.
    Also Dedicate part of your time to respond to Instagram leave comments on your photos.So you’re showing that you communicate with other people interested in this network, which will help to increase your popularity.
  4. Use hashtagsThanks to the hashtags on Instagram your photos will become part of different sets of images that share a common theme, which are automatically generated by the millions of users also use them . These hashtags allow you to expose your photos to people you hardly have found otherwise.
    Use hashtags that make sense and add value to your photos. Try using those popular, but do not abuse them. Excessive use of hashtags and those who have no relation to your photos to make your profile could be mistaken for a spammer
  5. It includes geolocation of your photosActivate and include the geolocation of your photos will serve to tell your followers where you took those pictures. This will make them more interesting, since other users will be showing places that might be unknown to them. If you like discovering new places and meet new towns, you will become a guide to those who want to know where you live.
    A good method to use the geolocation is to connect your Instagram account withFoursquare . Not only can you identify restaurants or shops, but also tourist attractions, popular sites and special events.
  6. Share on other networksShare photos you post on Instagram on other social networks. Doing this will increase your chances of getting new followers, those who might be interested in your photos after seeing you in those places. Integrate your account with Facebook , Twitter, Flickr or Tumblr and publishes them photos you take. You can share your photos when taking them or later if you prefer, to select only the best.
  7. Frequently publishes photosDo not let your mind looks inactive. Fret frequently update and try to establish a routine to upload photos. Perhaps you are more comfortable doing certain times of the day or certain days a week. The important thing is do not miss much time goes into a photo and another. If you do not regularly publish photos many users might think that you no longer use Instagram, so be shown not interested in following you.
  8. Select and upload the best photosYour iPhone or Android phone can take many photos in a few minutes, but that does not mean you should share all in Instagram. On the contrary, selects and publishes only the best. Remember that thousands of photos are published every day on this network, so you should draw the attention of others through interesting and quality photos.
    Evita always repeat the same subjects, objects and places. And definitely do not post too blurry, dark without any context or pictures that stand out over others.
  9. Experienced and creativeInstagram is a social network that favors originality and creativity. Try taking different photos that you are used to take with traditional digital cameras. Having a camera that isalways with you on your mobile device will allow you to capture unique and unrepeatable moments. Use these opportunities to share in Instagram.
    Try taking pictures in color, as in black and white. Then compare your results and see how your fans respond to them. You can also try special optical lenses that fit your mobile phone. These could give you results impossible to achieve without using them.
  10.  Use different photographic mobile applicationsThe creative filters on Instagram will help you give your photos look different than usual.However, these are not the only filters that you can use. If you use Instagram in combination with other mobile applications to take and share photos ‘ll have more creative options for your images.
    Download, install and use one or more applications before sharing your photos on this network. You can use the filters of frames and another for images that would not get through the sole use of Instagram.


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My favorite romantic movies

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - January 26, 2016

There are always moments in which certain types of film is required to have a fun time among friends or simply remove these saved tears

Mis películas románticas favoritas

There are movies that make us laugh out loud or that help us get those tears accumulated after a hard days work. Those movies called “girly” or romantic that helpus to have the emotion to the surface is usually not the favorite genre of men andnothing like sit with friends to share the moment or simply spoil ourselves with aspecial moment or watch recent movies.

Here are my favorite romantic movies, you can find them all on putlocker.


  • It complete Complicated or falling for my ex with Merly Streep.
  • While You Were Sleeping or while you were sleeping with Sandra Bullock.
  • Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
  • Love Actually or truly love with Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, EmmaThompson, Laura Linney, Keira Knightley, Rowan Atkinson, Liam Neeson and BillNighy.
  • Mamma Mia with Merly Streep, Colin Firth.
  • Moonstruck or moon spell with Cher, Nicolas Cage, Vincent Gardenia, Danny Aiello,and Olympia Dukakis.
  • Four Weddings and a funeral with Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell.
  • Steel Magnolias or Steel Magnolias with Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Shirley MacLaine,Olympia Dukakis.
  • Letters to Juliet or letters to Juliet with Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave, GaelGarcía Bernal, Franco Nero and Chris Egan.
  • The Mirror Has Two Faces, or the mirror has two faces with Barbra Streisand, JeffBridges, Pierce Brosnan, George Segal, Mimi Rogers, Brenda Vaccaro and LaurenBacall.
  • When a Man Loves a Woman with Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan.
  • The Proposal or the proposal with Sandra Bullock.
  • Pretty Woman or pretty woman Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.
  • Love Is All You Need with Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm.
And the list could go on, but now I‘d like you to share me your favorite movies for agirl‘s night, you can also check movie4k . They agreed on some with me? What would you add?
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World’s Best Spa

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - January 12, 2016

The best Spa in the world , according viajespasion.com a Spanish website that made ​​a ranking of the top 5 places of relaxation luxury worldwide. Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa, Patagonia, has been chosen as the second best spa in the world, after the Royal Club Evian, a luxurious French relaxation.

1. Royal Club Evian

One of the most sumptuous and beautiful in the world; this French spa the top of the list is. It is equipped with latest technology and seeks to decide enjoy its services to achieve the knowledge of his own body and harmony of energies.

It has 34 treatment rooms, saunas and whirlpool, hair salon, two swimming pools and a natural park where tourists can perform activities such as rafting, paragliding, golf, water skiing and trekking. ( www.evianroyalresort.com ).


2. Puyuhuapi
A Hotel that combines the beauty of Patagonia with relaxing treatments and hospitality, making it a place known worldwide. It is situated directly on the Carretera Austral 210 km from Coyhaique. It has three outdoor thermal pools and one indoor.

It offers various techniques of body aesthetics, relaxation massages and thalassotherapy treatments, being the most striking by using seaweed, sea water, mud and other substances in the sea. ( www.patagonia-connection.com ).


3. Clinic La Prairie
This spa, located on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland not only offers skin care, but who cares about the health of their visitors making a two-day medical checkup X-ray, electrocardiogram and laboratory analysis. There are daily aerobics classes, Hydroform, yoga and pilates ( www.laprairie.ch ).


4. Las Ventanas al Paraiso
addition to being considered an amazing hotel, is recognized as one of the best spas , for their restoration treatments, healing rituals, holistic therapies and use of organic products in Mexico. Among the features that you can find services for couples, moms and healing rituals that take elements such as earth and fire ( www.lasventanas.com ).


5. The Chedi Club at Tanah Gajah
This spa is located in Bali, Indonesia, uses pumice, volcanic mud and herbal wraps for seeking skin rejuvenation.

What stands out most about this hotel is its modern architecture, outdoor baths and its natural environment, which gives a different touch other hotels. There are sessions of acupuncture, reflexology and Hawaiian massages available to guests. (www.tanahgajah.com ).

6. Marie-Claude Massé (estheticienne Beloeil)

Experience the warm and relaxing atmosphere of my clinic in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, where I will send you my passion for unpretentious aesthetic with a global approach to beauty of face and body.

 I specialize in improving symptoms of facial skin diseases (such as acne, rosacea and aging) but I also offers all the necessary care for your bauté-up head to toe: Electrolysis, care hands and feet, makeup, etc.)

 The rigor, hygiene and the results are at the heart of my practice so I make a point of working with the products and devices on the cutting edge of technology to offer what’s best.

 Those suited to the issues that bother you, I will be happy with you to develop a care plan to significantly improve your condition.

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Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - December 14, 2015

Spending your whole weekend at home and watch movies online about lican and werewolves is an ideal idea for your holiday. These are the 10 best films of werewolves, we recommend you to visit movie2k to watch movies online for free at the highest speed and best quality.

These are the elements of the list. Vote for your Favorites!

Van Helsing

1. van Helsing

He received 1529 points

Vote on it:


2. Underworld

He has received 1350 points

Vote on it:

Teen Wolf

3. Teen Wolf

He has received 1169 points(Click to watch teen wolf online)

Vote on it:

Un hombre lobo americano en Londres

4. an American Werewolf in London

896 points she received

Vote on it:

The wolf-man

5. The wolf-man

He has received 830 points

Vote on it:

Un Hombre Lobo Americano en París

6. an American Werewolf in Paris

He has received 706 points

Vote on it:

Dog Soldiers

7. Dog Soldiers

He got 592 points

Vote on it:


8. Romasanta

He has received 380 points

Vote on it:

Licántropo: El asesino de la luna llena

9. werewolf: the full moon killer

He has received 347 points

Vote on it:

The Curse

10. The Curse

He has received 345 points

Vote on it:

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How host your Personal Web site in free Google servers

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - October 24, 2015

Cómo Alojar Su Sitio Web Personal En Los Servidores De Google Gratis

Today, the world will have a personal web site or portfolio or hébergement web Canada to display their information on the Web. If you want to host your own personal web site, but really it has no budget for this purpose, this post will be of great help. This simple tutorial will show you how a basic web site (built with HTML and CSS) can stay in the Google servers, for free. Probably in 1-3 hours the will put on the verge.

app engine google

Technically, Google does not offer free hosting solutions, but provide a platform as a service (PaaS), known asGoogle App Engine (GAE). This tutorial uses the function of static files ‘ App Engine to host a static web site (HTML, CSS) in the GAEservers. At the end of this tutorial is to get your own personal web site on a subdomain customized this way: < your name >. appspot.com. You can make your contact page, to connect with potential customers or to expand them. For such purpose it is necessary to perform the following steps:

  • Make a personal web site using a free HTML-CSS template
  • Download and install Python and GAE SDK
  • Register in Google App Engine
  • Create application on Google App Engine
  • Developing applications using GAE Python SDK
  • Deploy / reload your custom server GAE application

As you would say WordPress: Let’s do this!.

Task 1: make a Personal Web site

Building a website from scratch can be hard and difficult, especially if you are not a hard web designer or an expert with the writing of elements in HTML. However you can always work in a web template and customize it in your own version.These are just some web site templates good, easy-to-edit and under Creative Commons license:

  • PageOne by StyleShout
  • I am Creative by EGrappler
  • OnePager by EGrappler

To make your own website template, download the template of the previous links, unzip the files and edit the files you think is relevant. You can use any code editor to edit these files such as Notepad or WordPad, Notepad + +.

Task 2: obtain Python and GAE SDK

Then download and install the following software to edit and deploy applications on servers GAE.

  • Python 2.7
  • App Engine Python SDK

Eye!: install the software with their default settings and configuration, otherwise you may face problems with the tutorial.

Task 3: register on Google App Engine

You must register an account on Google App Engine. If you already have a Gmailaccount, it’s just a matter of entering as we entered to gmail.

  • Go to appengine.google.com
  • If you already have a Gmail account then, go to the next step, otherwise, click on the link Create an account.

crear cuenta en gmail

Enter your account data and press the Sign in to access the panel by GAE. entrar a GAE

Task 4: create APP in Google App Engine

Now, what you need to create an application on GAE.

  • Click on the button Create Application.
  • You may be asked to verify your account. Check your account by following the instructions on the page.
  • You will see the page “Create Application” in the following manner:

crear app GAE

  • Enter the address you want to identify the application. This name will make your sub-domain address, for example,nombreEscogido.appspot.com.
  • Once given a name, the identifier of the application can not be changed. Therefore, choose the identifier of the application intelligently.
  • Enter title of the application in the second text field. This name will be displayed when people access your application on GAE.
  • For authentication options, leave the option by default (Open to all Google Account users )).
  • Click Create Application. You will see an “Application Registered Successfully” page reports in the following manner:

APP GAE creada

Task 5: develop the APP using GAE Python SDK

It is time to develop your GAE app on your system using Python and Python App Engine SDK.

  • Open the Google App Engine application launcher in the system using the start menu or home screen (if you are working on Windows 8).

lanzador GAE

Open the menu File > Create New Application. As an alternative, you can press the combination of keys ctrl + n to create a new application in the GAE Launcher.

crear app local GAE

  • Enter the identifier for the application in the application name field.
  • Choose a local directory for your application by clicking on the Browse button. Directory of your application, be created within this directory.
  • Let the management port and the port to its default values.
  • Click on the Create button.

To edit the settings of your local GAE application:

  • Select your application in the GAE Launcher.
  • Click on edit.
  • “App.yaml” your application file opens in the code editor.
  • Replace all text (delete old text and type new text) with the following:

Replace < your-app-name-here > with the identifier of the application in the first line of this file. Save this file and clip. To add files from your personal web site for local application of GAE:

  • Open the local GAE application root directory.
  • Open your application’s directory.
  • Delete the files named favicon.ico and main.py present in this directory.
  • Create a new directory (or folder) called www within this directory. (If you want to change the name of this directory, you have to change the name of this directory and replace all with www in the name of the new directory in the app.yaml file.)
  • Copy the files from your web site (all files and subdirectories within your folders, for example, index.html) to this directory www.
  • If all goes well, then the directory of your application will have two files (app.yaml and index.yaml) and a sub-directory (www). The “www” sub-directory will have files of your web site and folder.

6 task: develop and upload your APP customized for the Servers Gae

You have created your application of GAE and now, it is necessary to check and upload your application to GAE servers. To check your local GAE application:

  • Select your application in the GAE Launcher.
  • Click on Run.
  • You will be shown your web page in the web browser of your computer. (If it does not, turn back and check to see if you have followed the tutorial instructions correctly).

To implement your GAE app:

  • Select your application in the GAE Launcher.
  • Click Deploy.
  • You will be asked for your username and password for Gmail. Enter your account details and press OK.
  • You will see a window of Python detailing the progress of the load operation. It will take some time to load your application depending on the speed of your connection to the Internet.

It is now!

If you followed all the procedure, precisely, then at this point, that you should have your own web site hosted on Google servers. You can check their website at < nombreApp >. appspot.com. If stayed correctly, you will be able to share it for you to see your work

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Rent photo booths

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - October 7, 2015


Starts a traveling business of snapshots and become entrepreneur of half-time with this fun experience, perfect for any celebration.

The United Nations estimates indicate that in Mexico, during the current decade and the next, it will be about 21 million adolescents and young people between 15 and 24 years.

This and future generation, unlike those who closed the last millennium in this age range, modified (and amend) their consumption habits as a result of the global economic crisis of 2008.

According to a study presented by American Express and The Future Laboratory, Mexicans left behind the aspirational consumer – i.e., already give it much importance to the purchase of luxury items to change it by experiences.

From this premise, businesses that promise unforgettable and unrepeatable moments are becoming increasingly stronger among young consumers.

If you want to conquer this market, a good option is to undertake a business income of instant photo booths. This offer is very attractive for those who are about to celebrate a wedding, birthday or corporate event.

The advantage of this project is that you don’t need to have advanced knowledge in photography what customers are looking for is not the perfect picture, but preserve a fun time.

Start your business with the purchase of a photo booth – listed on website Mercado Libre from $36,600-. It complements your services with fun accessories (wigs, glasses, hats and stoles) and you can even resort to fantasy or characterizations most professional makeup.

Alternatively, you can do so from a franchise. The initial investment is approximately $100,000. The added value is that, being a business already, the investment risk is minimal and you receive everything you need to start operations quickly in a broadcast.

Examples of success

In Australia: Melbournes Best Photobooths (wedding photobooth and other events)

In Mexico:
PhotoBooth Mexico (franchise)


In Argentina:
The PhotoBox


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Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - October 2, 2015

The delicacy is always present in the productions of the Delta Goodrem. The Australian artist invested in a headpiece stranded with your own hair for an event of celebration for the birthday of a brand of cosmetics.


The Australian’s long wavy hair takes advantage of his mane to create different hairstyles with your favorite among the looks loose and with accessories. Delve into his style to extend the freshness of the beach style in this month’s transition.

Sophisticated, romantic and simple: these are the three concepts that summary style of Delta Goodrem designed by spongecurls.com, the beautiful singer-songwriter and pianist who astonishes by its versatility to handle the hair. With more than 10 years linked to the world of music, his melodies have yet to this side of the world, but its lessons of style Yes.

The Australian takes advantage of blonde in her hair to display a style with natural waves combined with accessories or small details as braids, bent or small taken. After a long battle with cancer in 2003, disease that forced her to undergo several sessions of chemotherapy, today enjoys truly radiant golden hair that manipulates as an expert.

Hairstyles to turn around to look at her
Delta does not go unnoticed, but it should not it its enviable voice or anatomy, but largely the effort to see different and equally beautiful at every public appearance. In 2011, he opted for hair with less movement and a headband with braids of colors. Super Junior showed this look at the opening of a hotel in Australia.
A few years earlier in 2008 the actress valued your summer Tan with a dysfunctional braid arriving to witness the debut of the collection ‘A Japanese Story’, David Jones. The side hairstyle with hook locks accentuated the naturalness of Delta.

Loops and twists with your own hair also integrate your list of favorites. For the celebration of the anniversary of a famous brand of cosmetics, the actress also (between 1993 and 2005) preferred to highlight the delicacy of his personality with a thick braid that spanned his entire head with low waves.

Not the collected semi neglects for nothing. For the launch of “The Voice” Australia Delta party he attended with hair with volume at the Crown and a little taken back. As a juror, the singer wore was as one of the most celebrated figures of the night. The collected side has also shown it sometimes varying to twisted to make the look more entertaining.

What to do when you need more production?
Preferences do not change the dress Gala. To break your routine casual Delta opts for more polished hairstyles, as he wore to the premiere of “The Great Gatsby” composed of hair to the shoulders loose and a great rose attached at the top.
In these occasions does not abandon their accessories, but also they are more refined. For the 2010 event “Hollywood Stand Up To Cancer” he chose a golden gem placed as a headband that resembled petals of a flower. Between the Greek and the romantic, this resource caused a sensation.

For another activity of David Jones, he chose a monkey with twisted that gave much volume. And following their participation with the world of fashion. For a Louis Vuitton event in 2011, the blonde bet was wear straight hair tied in a high bun.

On his secret to draw attention at each site you visit, Delta revealed the Bellasugar site some of their inevitable: “sleep as much as possible, drink lots of water, always remove make-up before sleep, fresh air and exercise”.

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No more dishes breast – a cool Cookbook

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - September 29, 2015

Finally one of the cookbooks that more eager to get my hands in recent monthshas come to me, and is that the fucking have to pray. I am referring to the book cuisine of Carlos’s blog no more – breast.

My first contact with Carlos through recipe Basic pizza dough, that by coincidence of destiny, waspublished at the same time in the same week. Since your blog is one of my culinary reference, blogs for the simple reason of that they do different things and it is the few who printed a bit of personality to what they do.

No más platos de mamá

One of its hallmarks are videos of recipes that make, and from a small apartment in Barcelona are able to do some wonders like this. Technically and aesthetically they are light years.

As now these guys have brought this book that two days ago I had the opportunity to enjoy in my hands, in a special numbered Edition, for which we made the preorder from your website. I was lucky to get one of the 500 Special Edition Books, moreover, touched me the 186, and also with dedicatory IgG used! What-majo’re, Carlos!

The book includes more than 60 recipes all with their respective photo full-page explained in a more casual way, in the style of the blog.

Book description:

  • Title: No more dishes breast
  • Pages: 270 pages
  • Date of publication: November 2013
  • ISBN: 978-8401346811
  • Publisher: Plaza Janes

Well, this book is not to recommend it, I demand to be one of them that they must have on the shelves of your houses , the book that you have to give your beings dear. If you want to buy it, you can do it here, all there is to say, it is quite cheap, or you can download ebooks to read online.

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Why Does Marijuana Make Music Sound Better

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - September 27, 2015

For most people, music is an integral part of life. A song can remind us of our first kiss, our first dance, or even the first time broke our hearts. Specific hear music when we are happy and different when we are sad.

According to studies of THC Saliva Test Lab, there are many possible explanations for this phenomenon. The first is that cannabis acts on the brain area that processes auditory stimulation. When test subjects were exposed to burning marijuana leaves, they were able to remember the songs better understand the differences in the sounds and other nuances that make tracks and rhythms make the sound better.Some subjects even reported that the lines between the visual and auditory senses were veiled causing a sensation known as synesthesia. Another possible explanation for this phenomenon is the fact that marijuana relieves stress. While relaxing the body and mind, it opens the channels that allow appreciate music on a deeper level. When you’re not worried about the stressors of the day or other things that may worry, you get to focus on the message and the melody, rhythm and other sensations that occur in the piece. Another explanation is that marijuana causes the brain lose the ability to separate relevant and irrelevant stimuli. Because of this, the study subjects reported above notice subtle differences in tone that had not been noticed before this. In addition, when you close your eyes, subjects reported being able to classify things by sounds, seeing colors and notes instead of geometric patterns. Another reason is that music is a big part of the ritual behind smoking marijuana. For many people, sharing a joint or a bowl begins to give just the right CD. When the smoke permeates the lungs, music fills the soul. The final reason that music can sound better when a person smokes has to do with the artist. Many pieces of music were composed, performed and recorded under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other mind-altering substances. Because of this, often altered mind can appreciate better than an undisturbed mind. Subtle nuances the end, does not really matter why marijuana makes the music sound more beautiful. What matters is that it does. So turn on some tunes, lights a bowl, close your eyes and enjoy.
Snoop Dogg smokes joint RQS

Royal Queen Seeds Joint

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Battle between prostitutes and police in London’s Soho district

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - September 26, 2015

Battle between prostitutes and police in London’s Soho district

Soho, a neighborhood of London famous for its nocturnal activity, theaters and sex shops, keeps on war footing to sex workers and police by a real estate plan that could alter its Bohemian character.

Women who work in the area – about 50, according to the English collective of prostitutes (ECP, acronym in English) – they believe that the image of the neighborhood, one of the most tourist of the city, is becoming degraded increasingly due to plans for a great real estate to build offices and shops in a building where there are currently twenty floors of appointments.

The dispute reached its peak last Wednesday when, in full activity, the police evicted the building.

The ECP described the eviction as “a persecution against women who were working”.

In a statement to Efe, the ECP, Cari Mitchell, spokeswoman said that Soho is “a safe zone for call girls in london and if they miss them from their work sites will be forced to engage in the street or on the periphery of the city”.

Mitchell also warned of the risk for these women to work outdoors, ten times more dangerous who do it on the floor.

However, police told Efe of the law does not allow to use a privately as a brothel and that “measures must be taken whenever this condition violates”.

In this context, Mitchell admitted that women “are forced to challenge the law in order to work” and said that “various judges have given the reason to the sex workers so that they can exercise in the interior of the houses of appointments”.

The Metropolitan Police of London also told Efe that used “tactics to deal with the problems of crime and help vulnerable sex workers or requiring assistance”, an aspect that does not share the defenders of sex workers, who accuse the police of ‘put pressure on the owners’ to prostitutes.

For this reason, women and various social associations prepare mobilizations, as a recent celebrated under the motto “not us throw to the street. Save Soho”since, according to denounce, there are other buildings of houses of quotations that are in danger of eviction.

“We are shouting and denouncing that he is acting in a way rogue to change the image of Soho,” said Efe Maria, originally from Alicante and that worked as “Streep” in this neighborhood until 2010.

The real estate Soho States has a plan for the regeneration of the buoyed, building that will replace settlements of sex into offices, shops and restaurants and, according to that agency in a statement, is to “eliminate social problems in the area and increase the security”.

Maria recalled EfE that “the authorities take advantage of the stereotype that prostitutes consume drugs and alcohol as an excuse to eliminate the charism of the district”.

Mitchell said that the local authorities prepared a year ago a report where recognized good levels of security in the area and opted for a campaign in favor of does not criminalize prostitution.

A delegation of the Association, formed also by prostitutes, will meet soon with Westminster City Council to begin a dialogue that will paralyze the urban development in the area and avoid what they consider a “destruction” of the neighborhood where thousands of women have been working there for decades.

“If there is a strong resistance on our part, there will be reversing,” confirmed to Efe Mitchell.

Soho is considered to be the longest-lived of the United Kingdom prostitution zone and women of various nationalities, many of them mothers, prostitutes every night on the more than 50 floors of citations that exist in the district.

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Decorate a playground for children’s room

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - September 18, 2015

In this indoor playground manufacturer program, we will create and decorate a play in an infant room area where to give free rein to their artistic creativity.

The children’s room is the space of the House all decorated with great enthusiasm… So we will get hands to work to create a children’s corner to play and draw what they most like to do the smaller. We will create a large chalkboard on the wall where you draw. In addition we will decorate with vinyl adhesive and make a colorful frieze.

Already before we painted the walls a soothing sky blue color. We have chosen this color because then we will create a frieze that will also be present, among other shades.

Step by step to decorate a play area in a child room

Pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilStep 1
Let’s create a chalkboard on the wall with an special glaze to do so. Put masking tape to mark the area and started to trim around the area with roller. This glaze to create boards is avery dense painting that needs to expand in several directions. For working on it little by little and make it uniform, use a small roller.

pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilWhen dry it loses shine has at the beginning and picking up the matte look that has the slate. Once dry the children can draw and erase as many times as they want, as in a classic lectern slate, it is very good when the rooms are bright. It is very fashionable in decorationand is also used in cocinas to write annotations or that we have to buy do not forget us.


pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilStep 2
Once they have dried is the two coats of paint, let’s give this an original touch slate with aself-adhesive vinyl. We chose one with children’s motifs. It is the drawing of a baby which leave those words which many generations have learned to read: “Mi Mamá me mima”.Place these large wall stickers is not complicated, but it requires touch.

Pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilTo place the vinyl should take into account that comes protected between two roles, one ahead and one back. The first thing we are going to do is lift a tab on the back and bend it.Then put a few strips of masking tape piece to make it easy to present it on the wall. We sit him gently to manipulate it easily because it has a considerable size. Then we choose a height taking into account that it is straight (we take as a reference the slate) and present the piece.

Pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilIn addition, there to work the piece by pressing with a cloth. Don’t worry about wrinkles in the paper, the important thing is that the vinyl is smooth. Vinyls, stickers, the stickers are the novelty of the moment. Don’t have to have talent to draw because on the market you can find a multitude of reasons and the result always will be surprising.


Pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilStep 3
Then we will create a frieze colorist at a height proportional to the height of the children.We will use a machimbradas pine boards, which on the one hand have a ledge and on the other a slot, so that they fit with each other. With a squad we make a mark to 60 cms. and begin to cut with a jig saw.

Pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilStep 4
Before painting the slats, we will pass a fine grit sandpaper so that the wood has a better finish and step remove any sliver that there could arise when cutting.

Pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilStep 5
We will paint colors Mediterranean slats. We have chosen 3 protective paints: a sky blue, which we have already used to the wall, a sapphire blue, a green sauce and a white.

Pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilThis type of painting decorates and protects the wood, both inside and outside. It enhances your natural color appearance, since it does not create a film on the wood but it allows you to still see the grain. Also, and very important, you can use it to paint toys wood or any objects that are within reach of children since this painting does not possess any toxic element and is harmless in the event that the child bring it to the mouth.

Pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilThe choice and combination of color, is very important, since it marks the style of a stay. To create an environment in which will breathe peace and quiet, very suitable for a children’s room, we have chosen three colors: Green Willow (represents harmony and freshness), Blue Sapphire (is the symbol of the depth) and Blue Sky (transmits serenity and confidence). In addition, the combination of blue and green provides the maximum brightness in thebedroom.

Pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilStep 6
Once painted and dry, to fix all these moldings we use a tough and fast mounting adhesive.When well set, to make it look better, we will place a cap on all the top.

Pizarra con vinilo y friso tricolor infantilStep 7
And to make the children feel quietly to draw or read, we painted an table and chairs in the same colour as the wall, also using protective paints. A few simple steps that have created and decorated in child friendly play area.

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Top 10 seafood restaurants in USA

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - August 28, 2015

Emeril's - Emeril's New Orleans Fish House
Emeril’s New Orleans

Who can resist a plate of sea well prepared? Fresh, quality ingredients and excellent service are the main features of these restaurants.

photosSucculent pictures for inspiration …
In the United States there are famous cities for its fine restaurants, delight gourmets who visit or are fortunate enough to live in them. San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston and Seattle are the first to spring to mind when sea food it is. But there are hidden gems where you least expect it.

Here is a selection of the best seafood restaurants in the USA, according to some experts in the field and in alphabetical order of the cities where they are located.

NUMBER Pesce • Houston

Restaurants Pesce
extreno link Guide Houston
photos Photos Houston
Hotels Deals Houston

3029 Kirby Dr., Houston, USA
If you want to witness a glamorous scene (and noisy too) in the River Oaks, go to this stylish newcomer in the field of specialties mar.La kitchen prepares fish caught around the world, from shells from the Gulf Coast to Dover sole. www.pescehouston.com.Reservations are required. AE, D, DC, MC, V. Closed Sunday.

Address: 3029 Kirby Dr. Phone: 713 / 522-4858

NUMBER Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House • Las Vegas

Restaurants Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House
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photos from LA to Las Vegas, tips for traveling by car
photos adrenaline million in the Stratosphere Tower
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3799 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Las Vegas, USA
Enter this room and you will find bustling restaurant elprimer Las Vegas chef Emeril Lagasse (and one of the earliest celebrity restaurants in town), under an arch of water falling from a fish wrought iron. Exquisitely creative creole dishes like fried squid marinated, Hudson Valley foie gras in a peach pie and steak done in Louisiana campfire cedar plank prepare. A sommelier will guide the selection of 2,200 bottles of wine in the wine tower. Finish with a slice of banana cream pie. You must book. AE, D, DC, MC, V.

Address: MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd. S Phone: 702 / 891-7374

NUMBER Granville island seafood restaurant

Restaurants Dockside Restaurant
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photos Spring Break, South Beach, Florida
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The Dockside Restaurant offers superbly prepared classic dishes in a setting like no other. Located on the waterfront where Granville Island faces the city, guests can enjoy panoramic views across False Creek to the world-famous cityscape of Yaletown and beyond to the mountains of the North Shore.

The open dining room is relaxed yet refined, wrapped in spectacular floor to ceiling windows, while the lounge offers warm intimate surroundings for evening cocktails. The multiple award-winning patio catches sunlight from morning to late afternoon. Protected on three sides it’s an oasis of calm, disturbed only by the occasional sound of boats making their way along False Creek. Recent renovations have added fireplaces and casual seating areas to this Vancouver destination.

These three venues offer seating options that are perfect for groups from 4 to 200. With signature elements like a 50-foot aquarium and an open kitchen, each meal is an experience for all the senses. Located adjacent to the boutique Granville Island Hotel, the Dockside Restaurant is open seven days a week serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reservations are recommended.

Address: 1253 Johnston Street (Granville Island)
Vancouver B.C. V6H 3R9

NUMBER Fishwife • Monterey Bay

Restaurants Fishwife
extreno link Guide Monterrey
photos Santa Cruz, California
Hotels deals Monterey

1996 1/2 Sunset Dr, Pacific Grove, USA -Monterrey Bay
Fresh fish with Latin accent makes this place a favorite in the area for lunch or dinner .The sea garden salads are standard and come with your choice of fish, fried seafood come with fresh vegetables. Big appetites appreciate fisherman bowls, those with fresh fish with rice, black beans, spicy cabbage, salsa, vegetables and crisp tortilla strips. AE, D, MC, V.

Address: 1996 1/2 Sunset Dr, in Asilomar Blvd. Phone: 831 / 375-7107

NUMBER • Bourbon House New Orleans

Restaurants Bourbon House
extreno link New Orleans Guide
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Hotels Hotel New Orleans

144 Bourbon St., New Orleans, USA
Located in one of the busiest corners in the French Quarter, it is the largest and most scandalous restaurant Dickie Brennan (also owner of Palace Cafe and Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse) and is a success for fans of seafood. If it were not for the sport bas ruida next door, the raw bar would be the first state, are its excellent oysters on the half shell, fresh seafood dishes and old oyster dishes and decorations. The main hall is the most appropriate place to try the Creole menu – stuffed crab, oysters Bienville, almond fish gulf. Take your bourbon milk punch in an appropriate packaging. AE, D, DC, MC, V.

Address: 144 Bourbon St. Phone: 504 / 522-0111

NUMBER Aquagrill • New York

Restaurants Aquagrill
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Hotels Hotel New York

No. 210 Spring Street, New York, USA
Aquagrill The friendly staff and extensive menu mariscoscoloca everything in this place among the best. The chef and owner Jeremy Marshall is in charge of the kitchen, while his wife Jennifer takes care of the guests. Among the specialties stand the Dungeness crab napoleon cake and roasted crusted salmon served on chickpea hummus with tomato and cucumber, not to mention the fresh fish on the grill and a rotating selection of oysters from the east and west coasts. The chocolate tasting dish incorporates handmade chocolates. You must book. AE, MC, V. Closed Monday. Metro lines C and E to Spring Street.

Address: No. 210 Spring 6th street. Avenue Phone: 212 / 274-0505

NUMBER Jake’s Famous Crawfish • Portland

Restaurants Jake’s Famous Crawfish
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401 SW 12th Ave., Portland, USA
For more than a century, diners maze of dining at Jake’s, decorated with wood paneling, they have enjoyed fresh seafood the Pacific Northwest. The bottom bar went through Cape Horn during the 1880s and chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings date from 1881. The restaurant gained popularity nationwide in 1920 when the crayfish added to your menu. Your order, a sailor almost infinite list of daily specials, the white-jacketed waiters take, but it’s worth trying to get in the crayfish season (May to September) where you can taste the delicious cake of crustaceans, made the Creole style or in a stew served with rice cajun. AE, D, DC, MC, V. No lunch is served on Sundays.

Address: 401 SW 12th Ave. Phone: 503 / 226-1419

NUMBER MoonFish • Orlando

Restaurants MoonFish
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photos Islands of Adventure, Orlando
Hotels deals Orlando

7525 W. Sand Lake Rd., Orlando, USA
The large waterfall on the sign in front of the building you noticed, but once you enter, you will discover that artificiality results in respectable cuisine served in a calm space with dark wood paneling and white cloths on the tables. The menu is a mix of meals from the north and south of Asia, countries bordering the Pacific inhabitants of Acadia, and Floribbean. The specialties range from grilled lobster tail grilled king crab from Alaska to Florida stone crab. The restaurant also specializes in aged beef, which you can see in a refrigerated display case as you enter the door. There is also a natural oyster bar and a sushi bar with the usual selections, including amrilla tail tuna, octopus, squid and eel. AE, D, DC, MC, V.

Address: 7525 W. Sand Lake Rd, I-4 Exit 74A. Phone: 407 / 363-7262

NUMBER Tadich Grill • San Francisco

Restaurants Tadich Grill
extreno link Guide San Francisco
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photos Golden Gate Bridge
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Hotels to San Francisco offers

240 California St., San Francisco, USA
The owners and the location have changed more than once since this place It started as a coffee stand in the port in 1849, but the crowds still frecuentándolo. Generations of customers recommend us to the simple facts in the pan sautés are the best, or at the time cioppino crab (October to May), grouper Pacific at the time (January to May), and the traditional homemade salsa Tartar. There is a bar, a few tables and private armchairs (with a bell to call the waiter), and a long tail that is inevitable at noon. The grumpy waiters in white clothes are a jump to another time, while the bar serves martinis as good as mollusks. They do not take reservations. MC, V. Closed Sunday.

Address: 240 California St. Phone: 415 / 391-2373

NUMBER Elliott’s Oyster House • Seattle

Restaurants Elliott’s Oyster House
extreno link Guide Seattle
photos Downtown Seattle and the Public Market
photos Inn at El Gaucho, Seattle
photos Turtleback Farm Inn, Orcas Island, WA
extreno link Over Turtleback Farm Inn, Orcas Island, WA
Hotels Seattle Deals

1201 Alaskan Way, Seattle, USA
No place in Seattle serves best Dungeness crabs or oysters Elliott. You can not go wrong with the local salmon and rockfish. The dining room is lit, and there is a great view of Elliott Bay and the harbor tour boats alongside. On sunny days the place is packed with diners across the country who have come to know what Seattle is all about. You have probably chosen the right place. AE, DC, MC, V.

Address: Pier 56, 1201 Alaskan Way Phone: 206 / 623-4340

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How to buy and sell cars

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - July 30, 2015

The buying and selling of cars can be a very lucrative business, if you know how to do it correctly. The Government regulates the number of cars that a citizen without a license can buy or sell in one year, without incurring fines or significant penalties. Therefore, it is important to learn how to buy numerous cars and sell them legally, without costly consequences. While it is true that there are many ways to buy cars, it is also true that, in order to buy and sell cars for profit, there is a specific way in which people can do it legally. Follow these steps to learn how to buy and sell cars in order to stay within the law and ensure maximum profitability.


  1. Buy and Sell Cars Step 1.jpg
    Increases your savings. A significant amount of money is needed to buy cars and, in addition, to obtain the necessary license. Be ready with at least $10,000 in costs of home.
  2. Buy and Sell Cars Step 2.jpg
    Get a dealer license. Licensing requirements vary from State to State, but it usually involves completing a course and pass an examination for a license. This step is important, because without a dealer license, you will not be able to buy and sell cars for profit legally.
  3. Buy and Sell Cars Step 3.jpg
    Decides on a local business. Do you want to sell and buy cars from the comfort of your office – House, or prefer to operate a local auto occasion usagé? If you plan to maintain an inventory would where expondrás trucks?
  4. Buy and Sell Cars Step 4.jpg
    Determines a marketing strategy. You need to know what people are looking for before you go to buy a car. Spread the word about your buying and selling of cars and make a list of cars that are more demanding.
  5. Buy and Sell Cars Step 5.jpg
    Builds an inventory. Use your dealer license to buy cars at prices to the wholesale.

    • He attends private auto auctions. Only those people with active dealer license can attend private auctions and offer or buy trucks used at prices lower than the market price.
    • It presents offers closed at new car dealers. This is another aspect of the auto business that is open only to those with a dealer license.
  6. Buy and Sell Cars Step 6.jpg
    Advertise. Invest in business cards, brochures and ads that convey information about the buying and selling of trucks.


  • Search for auctions, private car online and through other dealers who buy and sell used cars.
  • If you are planning to increase their practice of buying and selling of cars, you’ll need more than a dealer license. Own land, you’ll need a warranty voucher and a business license. This will require a working office and inspection by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV in English).
  • View accompanied by a trusted car mechanic before buying any used car. A professional for auto auctions and dealers has been.
  • Keep a list of potential buyers, along with the brand, model and year of the car that you are interested in buying.
  • It requires buyers who make specific orders to leave a deposit before offer and buy a car at an auction.

Picture resource: WiKiHow

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TOP 5: Best video games of detectives

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - July 7, 2015

East 2012 is the anniversary of the series Sam & Max, who has 25 years giving war since he made his debut in 1987. Sam and Max are two of the most memorable in the history of the game, detectives but there are many others that have conquered us with his charisma and wit. As servant is especially fan of the detective adventures and thrillers of research, I can not more than excited to do an instant checkmate reviews of the best detectives who were born in this generation and which, who knows, maybe someday also become classics along with the creation of Steve Purcell.


Inspector Chelmey, the saga of the Professor Layton (and appearing for the first time in the mysterious village) is the typical detective that never resolves on its own assigned cases. AIS, how awkward, but what endearing.

Other than such. The detective of homicide in the Phoenix Wright should be who solve cases, but instead always the same lawyer just resolving them. Still, it tends to give us clues that are helpful.

A detective is already cool in itself, but now add the also be a ghost. Sissel, protagonist of Ghost Trick, is dead and is from the other side that has to unravel the mystery behind his own murder.

Hotel Dusk is another one of those jewels that has the Nintendo DS. Kyle Hyde is a serious type, disenchanted with life, but still has a goal that you want to pursue until the end. Somehow, it is a character that catches you.

One of the four playable characters in Heavy Rain. Shelby works independently to solve the mystery of the Origami killer. Who does not feel that this old dog hiding a great potential?


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I had oral sex with a prostitute. Do have risk of infection from HIV or other STDs?

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - July 7, 2015


From a year ago have stable, however, a week ago I had a relationship with some girls escort london. I practiced my unprotected oral sex (fellatio). There was not any type of sexual contact.

I have a few days really anxious, and afraid of contracting STDs. I said it with my partner and we are using condoms, to prevent their possible contagion.

Is it possible to be infected with the virus of AIDS in this way? I ask because it seems that the first few weeks of infection would be crucial for a good treatment of the disease.

What other ETS I have contracted? From when I know for sure that I have not contracted any STD? Other control measures can I take?

Though is that it is too soon, yesterday I did a test and I will have the results tomorrow. I do other two analyses, after 6 weeks of the contact risk and after 12 weeks. You advise me to go to see a specialist?

So far I have not had any type of symptom, anxiety, cold sweat and sleeplessness by fear to have been infected.


The first thing you need to know for your peace of mind, is that the human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus is not transmitted as easy as he is commonly thought. That is not to say that not must be the condom in relations with sporadic couples since the summation of opportunities increases greatly the risk of contagion. Therefore, if you want to not get infected, you must always take care this detail.

In the transmission of this virus are only involved blood, semen, breast milk and vaginal secretions, and although it is present in the saliva is discussed its effective transmission by this route. Still it is recommended using condoms during oral sex if there is a minimum emission of semen from the male.

Other diseases that can be transmitted by oral sex include hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea and human papilloma virus. All of them you will find extensive information on our website or in other Internet.

In almost all of the mentioned diseases it is necessary that there is an active lesion involving the door of entry or exit for the germ, being very rare oral transmission, except if a “fellatio” is practised since the vaginal secretions of women may contain germs and in contact with minimum injury to the oral mucosa of the male can be transmitted more easily.Otherwise, a “French”, the man is that is more secure and the woman can get it.

But in medicine the possibility 0% does not exist, it is virtually impossible that it has infected (a hypothetical germ that does not know that her partner was infected).

There are additional steps you can take now, rather than judicious observation of their status and if it appeared something abnormal please consult with your doctor. Consultation with a specialist will not at this time any benefit.

With respect to the tests to rule out HIV, it is not necessary, given the low risk, but if you stay more relaxed can make them.


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A mortgage to buy a home

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - July 7, 2015

A good business plan, a well focused project, the experience of the entrepreneur with other projects and the ability to get support from friends have been the keys to a 64 year-old woman, no properties in Spain to use Aval (them have in Venezuela), obtained a mortgage loan for 280,000 labour Kutxa euros to buy a local.

“To mount the hotel business, needed two premises, one we purchased it and the other is rented with the option to purchase eight years.” When I went to the Bank, they told me that it happen project by Gaztenpresa, who helped me with the viability plan. And the numbers they gave. In fact, we have four open months and it has been profitable since the second month”, explains choir Ruiz Amibilia, one of the founding members.

In the granting of mortgage has much influenced the ability to reduce the initial costs of the project. “One thing is what we needed input and another that finally we needed.” We have reduced by 30% the initial cost, to do everything we and seek alternatives in the decoration. “I engaged me to do projects in Venezuela and my sons, who work with me in the hotel, have one decoration and the other the entire computer system, home automation”, adds.

The involvement of friends (partners) has also influenced in the project. In total, at hotel 700,000 euros have been invested. the three partners 420.000 and 280,000 Bank. “The Bank told me that the project had liked from the first day. And it has also influenced who saw it was money, which the partners committed themselves. And my experience at Mount offices for large international companies. For Bristish Petroleum I rode six thousand meters of offices, not I was afraid to ride 400 for the hotel,”he adds.

Your Council

“An operation of this type is essential to ask for an initial appraisal of the local. We managed to reduce the price at € 50,000. And then signing permanently the  toronto mortgage rates, as they had spent three months, a second valuation was made. We got more money because local, almost finished once, was valued for more quantity. “They priced in hundred and thousand euros more peak and gave us 80,000 euros more than it could initially give”.

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The best SEO tools for 2015

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - June 28, 2015

The Web positioning and its tools are constantly evolving, so this will update this page whenever you try something that is interesting, change mind about some tool, etc.

Not know what SEO tools are best suited for you?

The truth is that I neither you can answer that question, because it will depend on your specific case, and money that you can invest.

There are hundreds of services and applications, and of course those I have not tried all, but a good number of them, so I’m going to save time and money explaining why I use and recommend some of them.

In this selection you will find free tools and other payment, although the latter usually offer demos free limited or a trial period.

I have included free or economic tools that I use or they are interesting, but it is impossible to avoid using some tools of payment by its power.

Some links on this page are of affiliation, but I do not recommend anything that has not tried and I have been useful.


Remember, you do not buy anything that you don’t need, but if you do it from this page you can make me queries and resolve doubts about what to buy.

Frequently asked questions

The price listed in this guide is incorrect

The price is in dollars or euros and does not coincide with the real price

What is that link from affiliate, earn money with this?


seo bangkok
Essential tools
Advanced Web Ranking
Traffic Travis
Market Samurai
SEO Powersuite
Tools for keywords
Planner of Google keywords
Google Trends
Load speed
Google PageSpeed Insights
Traffic analysis and Conversion (Analytics)
Google Analytics
Analysis of Backlinks and competition
AhrefsOpen Site Explorer
MajesticSEO SpyGlass
Analysis of content and Web siteGoogle Webmaster ToolsBing Webmaster ToolsXenuScreaming FrogWoorankWebsite AuditorMonitoring of Keywords and rankingsRank TrackerAutomation of contentIf This Then That (TWITTERFEED)WebSocial networks (Social Media)BufferappHootsuiteSocial BroBuzzBundle

Essential tools

These tools deserve a special section, as they perform multiple tasks effectively and are in themselves an arsenal that will help you accelerate your positioning with quality results.

Advanced Web Ranking


But it is a very interesting tool, and I think that with a great future, I do not use it for its pricing policy.

Thus, while I liked the program, tried with SEO Powersuite and I do not regret at all.

  • When you buy you deliver 2,000 credits, amounting to 2,000 consultations (each request URL, anchor text, etc., consumes a credit) that are exhausted very soon.
  • Once consumed credits you have to buy more, at $25 per package of 25,000. And when it ends the first year you have to pay a yearly maintenance, which costs around 30% of the license.
  • As positive data license allows you to install the software on several computers, but do not run it at the same time.
Download a Demo (30 days)
Buy AWR ($99 to $1,499)

Traffic Travis


Traffic Travis is a program that does many things to help you optimize your website, locate potential problems or errors in your pages, analyze your competition and control your rankings.

If you do not need a complete tool, or you can not afford expenses, will serve to start.

  • The free version only allows you to manage 5 sites, does not analyze your competitors, and has some other restrictions.
  • Unfortunately for those who use Mac, available only for Windows and in English
  • If you do not need a complete tool, or you can not afford expenses, will serve to start.
Free (limited features)
Without limitations ($ 97 per year)

Market Samurai


Market Samurai is the preferred tool of many people who are dedicated to the Internet Marketing (IM), and for many good reasons.

With this tool you can manage from the research and analysis of key words to the creation and monetization of content

And it is also simple to use!

Market Samurai was one of the first tools that I bought, and I still using many of its features, especially the competition, one of the best analysis module.

  • It includes an automatic rankings monitoring module, whereby you are always informed of the position of your keywords.
Download a Demo (12 days)
Buy Market Samurai for $ 149
Video free Tutorial in Spanish



Scrapebox is simply indispensable to accelerate a lot of SEO-related tasks. This fantastic tool has many applications and allows you to save much time.

  • It is available for Windows and in English only.
  • It can be difficult to understand how it works, but but down you have a complete guide to start using it ;-)
  • Scrapebox makes no Demo, but you can get it for $57 instead of $97 by clicking below ;-)

Absolutely recommended!

Exclusive discount of $40
Mega Tutorial in Spanish

SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite en Español

SEO Powersuite is possibly the best set of tools “all-in-one” which covers the tasks most SEO.

The suite includes 4 tools, each one with a specific utility:

  • SEO SpyGlass: analyzes your competitors links, will help you discover opportunities of creation of links and manages your existing links.
  • Rank Tracker: monitors the position of the results of search (SERPs) and helps in the selection of key words.
  • Website Auditor: analyzes your website and helps you to optimize all aspects of SEO On Page.
  • LinkAsistant: manages and organises your linking campaigns.
  • The paid version includes free upgrades for 6 months. From that moment you have to subscribe a monthly update plan, about $9 per application and per month.
  • The license allows you to install the software on several computers, but do not run it at the same time.
  • With Powersuite, you can carry out the entire process of selection and analysis of key words
  • Also check the ranking in the results of search (SERPs)
  • Audit and optimise a website
  • Analyze the competition of your keywords and your competitors strategy
  • Organize a partnership campaign
  • And the list continues…

Absolutely recommended.

Demo (limited features)
Professional version for €299

Tools for keywords

Build a good list of key phrases is one of the most important activities of the positioning SEO, and it largely determine the success or failure of your efforts.

Here is a selection of the best tools that will facilitate you with this task.

Planner of Google keywords

The planner of keywords, or Google Keyword Tool as it is known in English, is an indispensable tool for the study of key words.

Anyone who wants to take seriously the Web positioning should learn to use this tool.

  • To use it you must have a Google Adwords account.I.e. you need to have a credit card under your name and that you admit in the program’s advertisers.
  • The use of the tool is free, only pay if you decide to advertise.
Totally free
Complete guide in Spanish

Another great free tool from Google, which provides additional and valuable information on searches.

The most common way to use Google Trends is to enter one or more search terms and see its evolution in time.

The aim is find out if the interest (the number of searches) is constant, falling or rising. This information will facilitate you the task of predicting whether the search will be interesting or not in the future.

  • Sample of graphic and simple way the frequency with which a given search, is carried out in a given period of time.
  • Allows you to filter searches by language, country, and region.
  • With it you can find out if the interest (the number of searches) is constant, it is falling or rising. In this way you can predict whether the search will be interesting or not in the future.
  • It helps you to identify seasonal searches, like for example “beach hotels”, which is a term more in summer than in the rest of the year.


Totally free



Soovle is a tool that gathers some of the suggestions that provide the most important drivers when a search is performed.

  • Free and in Spanish.
  • It helps to expand your list of key phrases and saves you having to visit by separate Google, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia, Youtube…
Totally free


Highly recommended tool in the initial phase of the search for keywords, to find new ideas and expand our list of keywords.

The process is as simple as entering your passphrase, select the language and the type of search and receive a list of suggestions (related to your search phrases) that you can copy and paste into your favorite analysis tool.

  • The interface is only in English.
  • You can get suggestions in almost any language.
  • You can select the type of search: web, images, video…

Recommended, and for free!

Totally free

Load speed

Your page loading speed is important twice: as a factor in positioning and because your visitors will return more often if your page load faster. Nobody likes to wait, and many visitors leave a slow web until it finishes loading.

These tools will help you to analyze your page speed, to discover what makes it slower and solve this problem.



GTmetrix analyzes the speed of loading and provides a detailed report that can be downloaded in PDF format and is very useful to optimize your pages.

The free version is more than enough for the user medium. Only the PRO version will you need if you need to monitor more than 5 pages or save more than 20 reports.

  • It has a plugin for WordPress that controls the speed of your website, sends alerts and creates automatic reports.
  • You can download the reports in PDF format.

Highly recommended.

Free (5 pages or 20 reports)
Pro plans starting at $14.95/month



Webpagetest is my tool of choice for the analysis of speed of loading, among other reasons because it is offering more locations to check the load speed.

  • The reports are very comprehensive and detailed, making it suitable for advanced and even professional use.
  • It allows to check the speed of loading from different countries, including Spain.
  • It allows to simulate the load from most web browsers (depending on location), mobile devices, speed of connection and other advanced parameters.
  • You can compare visually different URLs, very useful for testing a/b.

Super recommended.

Totally free



Pingdom is a simpler than GTmetrix or Webpagetest tool, but on the other hand, his analysis is very fast and very clear information.

  • Displays a list of all the elements that are loaded when you request the page, and allows you to sort them by size, speed of loading, etc.
Totally free

Google PageSpeed Insights


Google Pagespeed analyzes your page and gives you recommendations to optimize it, both for desktop, mobile browsers.

I personally find it rather poor, and I prefer GTmetrix or WebPagetest, but being the “official” Google tool it should be taken into account.

  • There are more complete alternatives and offer more detailed information.
Totally free

Traffic analysis and Conversion (Analytics)

For maximum performance you need to get data about your visitors, know from where, how they interact with your site, what content to attract more…

This information will be much easier to optimize your website and make more useful to your visitors, which will help you in positioning and conversions

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the most used tool to measure and analyze traffic and the conversion of visitors on the Internet.

  • Although there are other options, its integration with the other tools offered by Google and the fact of being free, they make it mandatory to know it.


Totally free
Create your account step by step
Create your account step by step


Yandex Metrika

There are times that you will perhaps want to not use Google Analytics on your website… because he is fed up with the monopoly of Google, to avoid “leaving trails” that can identify you, etc.

Metrika is a free tool developed by Yandex, which competes directly with Google Analytics, and that even surpasses it in some respects.

It is easy to use and very powerful, with unique features.

If you’ve never tried anything other than Google Analytics, you should try metric in any of your upcoming projects and will be pleasantly surprised.

  • There is very little documentation that will help you to set up and use this tool.
  • Only available in English and Russian.
  • Metrika you can use at the same time as Google Analytics without problems.
  • It offers “heat map” showing where they click your visitors.
  • It also shows where your visitors make “scroll”.

Super recommended.

Totally free

The analysis of the profile of the links is very important to make sure that you run no risk of being penalized, and also to know what your competition is doing and be able to adapt your strategy.

A few years ago there were no reliable tools to perform an in-depth study of the a web links, fortunately now we have very powerful options.



As most tools of this type, Ahrefs is an online application, which offers a detailed information about the external links from one or more pages and allows you to analyze your profile or compare it with others.

It offers some very detailed statistics, but as it is normal in this type of tools only you can take advantage of its full potential with one of its monthly plans.

  • Does not have a classification system (‘authority’, ‘force’, etc.) so robust as Open Site Explorer or Majestic.
  • It is not available in Spanish.
  • It allows you to compare a maximum of 5 URLs simultaneously.
  • Displays information about social signs allows you to export the data in CSV format (up to a maximum of 10,000)
  • Its index is updated more frequently and is one of the largest.


Free (with limitations)
Pro plans from $79/month

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer Moz

SBI is an excellent tool that helps you to understand the strategy of your competitors backlinks, managed by one of the most recognized companies in the sector: Moz (old SEOmoz).

Before your index is not renewed as often as Majestic and Ahrefs (sometimes took 4 months to upgrade) so it was not my first choice when I needed “fresh” information.

Fortunately they have been accelerating the pace and recently updated its index every two or three weeks.

For details of Open Site Explorer should pay a subscription monthly to all Moz SEO tools.

  • Unfortunately the free version has quite a few limitations, for example can be only displayed the first 5 links (20 if you register free) of each result, and you can not access information about social interactions.
  • Available only in English.
  • It has a few unique metrics, Domain Authority and Page Authority, a much more logical alternative to Google PageRank when analyzing links.
  • It allows to compare the links up to 5 pages, very convenient for a quick analysis of our backlinks over several competitors.
  • You can view a summary (only for users of payment) of social interactions: number of times that you have shared on Facebook, “like”, Tweets and Google + 1


Free (with limitations)
Pro plans starting at $99/month


Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO holds a great power within an interface which unfortunately is somewhat confusing and unattractive, sometimes causing rejection prior to understand his great virtues.

  • Little cared interface that impoverishes the user experience.
  • Limited free features.
  • Your database is one of the largest, and allows you to view the history of links that have already been removed from the index.
  • (Citation Flow and Flow Trust) own metrics that are very useful when it comes to judging a profile of links.
  • For payment, a jewel plans: Topical Trust Flow. All pages and Majestic links classified by theme.
  • In Spanish.

Highly recommended.

Free (with limitations)
Plans Pro from € 39.99/month

SEO SpyGlass

SEO Spyglass

(SEO SpyGlass is part of SEO Powersuite)

Unlike the majority of SEO tools, which are usually online applications, SEO Spyglass is a program that you run on your computer.

  • You have to pay a yearly maintenance.
  • It allows you to perform an exhaustive analysis of your Backlinks, or those of your competition, organize them, create statistics, reports detailed in multiple languages, and almost everything you can imagine.
  • It is updated constantly to adapt to frequent changes made by the search engines, especially Google.
  • You can find links in more than 160 international and local search engines and analyze factors such as PageRank, Alexa Rank, Keywords, Anchor text, social signals and much more.
  • A single license allows you to run the application on multiple computers not simultaneously, for example if you have a desktop computer and a laptop.

Highly recommended.

Demo (with limitations)
Professional by €118,27

Analysis of content and Web site

It is important that you ensure that all the pages of your website enjoy “good health”, that do not have errors and that its contents are as optimized as possible.

These tools will help you to diagnose your website and maintain it in good condition.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service offered by Google to help Webmasters analyze and optimize their web sites.

  • All the data offered by this tool refer only to searches carried out by the search box on Google, there are no data from Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Allows you to check the status of indexing your website.
  • It helps you optimize the visibility in the results.
  • You can see what pages give error on your site, or if you have been hacked.
  • And much more… free :-)

An indispensable tool for every Webmaster.

Totally free

Bing Webmaster Tools

This pack of tools is the response from Bing to Google Webmaster Tools with features similar but the searches in the search box of Microsoft-oriented.
  • All the data offered by this tool refer only to searches carried out by Bing.
  • It has a function to help you search for keywords.
  • It also has a tool to explore the links to your site.
  • And a section fairly complete to analyze your SEO, and suggest improvements.

Highly recommended.

Totally free



Xenu is a program, available only for Windows, which examines all the links on a website and check their status.

Xenu does only one thing but does it very well: exhaustively analyzes your website and produces a detailed report of all and each one of the links found.

I use very little this tool, since I mainly work with Mac, and for this reason I prefer Screaming Frog or Website Auditor.

  • Only available for Windows.
  • Verifies links of text, images, Frames, Plug-ins, background images (Backgrounds), style sheets, CSS, Scripts, etc.
  • It helps you locate broken links, pages that do not exist, images without alternative text, and much more.


Totally free

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a cross-platform software that provides a detailed analysis of your pages.

Like Xenu is an excellent tool with a free version with limitations and other more advanced paid version and without limitations, but that must be paid annually.

  • All the data offered by this tool refer only to searches carried out by Bing.
  • Verifies links of text, images, Frames, Plug-ins, background images (Backgrounds), style sheets, CSS, Scripts, etc.
  • It helps you locate broken links, pages that do not exist, images without alternative text, and much more.
  • Helps you to optimize your SEO on Page analyzing titles, descriptions, etc.

Highly recommended.

Free (with limitations)
Without limitation (£99 per year)


Woorank is an online application that offers very complete reports on a large number of factors that affect the positioning.

Unfortunately with its free version you can only perform a weekly analysis, and as your price plan is quite high in my opinion is not recommended because there are better alternatives.

  • Only available for Windows.
  • Verifies links of text, images, Frames, Plug-ins, background images (Backgrounds), style sheets, CSS, Scripts, etc.
  • In Spanish.
Free (with limitations)
From € 47/month unlimited

Website Auditor

Website Auditor is a tool all in one for the SEO On-Page Optimization, since with it you can do a complete audit of your website, or that of your clients.

  • You have to pay a yearly maintenance.
  • Allows you to find broken links, duplicate content, validation (W3C), errors in Server errors (404, etc.), non-indexed pages
  • It helps you to optimize your SEO finding page titles too long or non-existent.
  • Generates your file txt, robots and Sitemaps.
  • It analyzes the number of total and outgoing links per page.
  • Gives you information such as PageRank, date of caching in search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing), inbound links, visitors per page, etc…
  • Generate reports visually very attractive that you can customize and forward to your customers.
  • As with other programs of SEO Powersuite a license can install the program on several computers, but not to run them at the same time.

Highly recommended.

Free (with limitations)
Professional version for €118,27

Monitoring of Keywords and rankings

When you’re chasing position yourself for several Keywords it is necessary to monitor their positions in results of search (SERPs)

Do it manually, looking for each keyword and on which page and position appears, it is a long and tedious process that you can save yourself thanks to these tools.

Rank Tracker

(Rank Tracker is part of SEO Powersuite)

There is no other way of doing it: to be able to tell if your positioning strategy is working to know the positions that occupy your keywords.

Rank Tracker is a tool that helps you to automate this process.

There are other free tools, but I’ll take Rank Tracker because it seems to me to be the most complete and I set it to my taste.

  • You have to pay a yearly maintenance.
  • In addition to your rankings allows you to monitor your competition, more than 456 international search engines.
  • It has a module m to expand your list of Keywords, meet the KEI and help you choose the most profitable keywords for your SEO.
  • Create full professional reports for your website or your clients.
  • You can configure it to your liking and do it in such a way that it works automatically.
  • In Spanish.

Highly recommended.

Free (with limitations)
Pro version for €117,36
Detailed analysis of Rank Tracker
Video Tutorial of Rank Tracker

Automation of content

Probably already noticed you positioning often steal much time and is therefore important to find ways to automate it whenever possible.

These tools are some of the best to help you in this task.

If This Then That (TWITTERFEED)

If This Then That

If you haven’t TWITTERFEED you’re missing one of the wonders of the Internet, because with this free service you can automate many repetitive tasks.

  • You can check if there are new comments on a website
  • Answer and publish automatically on social networks.
  • You can use some “recipes” created by users, modify them, or create a customized from scratch.
  • And much more…


Totally free


Botice is an automation tool similar to TWITTERFEED, with some less (although it has the essential Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, WORDPRO, etc.) and some extra functions.

Although I like, I do not see it as interesting to replace it with TWITTERFEED.

  • Does not offer many advantages over TWITTERFEED to pay for its use.
  • Free version with some limitations (10 profiles), perfect for non-professional use.
  • In Spanish.
Free (with limitations)
Payment (from € 1,99/month)

Social networks (Social Media)

At this point no one escapes that social networks play an increasingly important role in the Web positioning, both directly and indirectly.

The great advantage of this method is that you do not depend on the whims of a search engine like Google to receive visitors, but you can build your own sources of traffic.

The drawback is that managing your Social Media activities is complicated and you steal too long. Luckily there are tools that will help you in this task, here you have which I recommend.



The first time I saw Bufferapp seemed like a revolution, and in many ways remains a must tool for many Community Manager.

The free version has some limitations, but that are acceptable for a medium user or small business that does not need great coverage in Social Media.

It is a fantastic tool I have used both in its free version and the payment.

In my opinion was an indispensable tool, although successive improvements of Hootsuite (especially programming) I have stopped using it in favor of Hootsuite.

  • With the free version you can only have three social accounts (one of each type) enable at the same time.For example a Twitter, a Facebook and one of Linkedin.
  • The messages stored in the buffer limit is 10 for free accounts.
  • You can distribute the information you share on your social networks according to a schedule that you determine, or its own estimate of the traffic.
  • You can schedule Tweets, posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and App.net, through extensions of your browser, integration with a multitude of web applications, apps for mobile devices, etc.
  • It has apps native extensions for browsers to mobile devices and other apps.

Highly recommended.

Free (with limitations)
Version Business from $50/month



Hootsuite has become one of the tools indispensable to all Community Manager, and it is because they are doing things well.

and the Professional (€7.19 / month) up to 40 social profiles. If you just 5 profiles, or you are starting in this, and do not need a tool as powerful as Buzzbundle, Hootsuite in its free version is perfect. And also: completely in Spanish.

  • The free version supports a maximum of 5 social media profiles, the Professional (paid) version 40.
  • You can schedule Tweets to be displayed in primetime on your Timeline.
  • Helps you find the best users to follow and interact with them
  • Greatly facilitates the management of all your social profiles from the same interface: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress, Foursquare, and more.
  • It is very configurable.
  • It has a large number of integrations with other apps and browsers and native apps for iOS and Android.
  • In Spanish.

A must for all Community Manager.

Free (with limitations)
Pro version from $ 9.99/month

Social Bro

I think that Social Bro is essential if you use Twitter as a main communication channel for your business.

In my opinion the best analytical offers to manage your account on Twitter and your followers. For example with SocialBro, it is easy to locate users who may be interested in what you offer, see with those who would be most advisable to interact, learn who follows you (and if it is influential), failed to follow you, etc.SocialBro offers a free version with limitations on the number of contacts, lists and analytical, and several professional plans.And… in Spanish.

  • With the free version you can only have three social accounts (one of each type) enable at the same time.For example a Twitter, a Facebook and one of Linkedin.
  • Very detailed analytical and useful to get to know your profile Twitter and your followers.
  • It helps you to locate users who might be interested in what you offer.
  • Also to locate

Highly recommended.

Free (with limitations)
Business version from $10/month



Buzzbundle is relatively new in the market of Social Media applications, and still noticed some shortcomings in its functions, especially for the Spanish market.

Highly recommended if you’re a Community Manager or if Social Media is your main channel of sale, interaction, or traffic generation.

  • It is not so useful to manage Social Media in Spanish to English.
  • The cost is higher than the other tool.
  • You have to pay a yearly maintenance.
  • Allows you to manage the popularity and reputation of your brand online.
  • You can program messages in all of your accounts.
  • It allows you to manage multiple accounts easily on all channels.
  • Helps you to analyze your competition and have them controlled.
  • The cost is superior to the other tool, but is worth for its power and the amount of things you can do with it.
  • In Spanish.

Highly recommended for all Community Manager.

Free (with limitations)
Professional version for €234,24
Comparative video of Buzzbundle, Hoostuite and Mention
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Superheroes never lived better in 2015

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - June 13, 2015

Películas de superhéroes



A few days ago I received an email from MovieTube press agency. The firm invited us to a few media and businesses to see “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” in Kinepolis, and did likewise with a full: popcorn and soda included to the guest and his companion.

The call was an overwhelming success, but clear, is not the same that one invite you to a breakfast press with a more or less curious product presentation, and quite another that you invite to the cinema.Kinepolis room 25 was to burst, triumphed to reinforce the brand image (that the impression of what majos are the Kaspersky Lab is one inevitable) that also had the detail of not telling us stories: a minimensaje of 1 minute was all that we saw before the movie directly. (There are no spoilers)

It is an authentic popcorn movie. Entertaining, with few moments to take a breather and a decent story. The special effects are amazing, but I’m beginning to have my doubts about if that role of effects not distorted everything else. And in all battles and fights, a common denominator: it is impossible that one is aware of nothing. Speed that passes the action is such that you simply assume that Scarlett is more dangerous than Mayweather or Bruce Lee, Captain America leads better than Pedrosa motorcycle or Iron-man can be basically with everything that throw you.

The best of the movie? For me, oddly enough, humor. Up to Thor showed your funny vein – it seems the gods of Asgard are catching him trick to human jokes – and jokes and throwing. Good for new superheroes, either by the supermalo (very accomplished, truth) and well by those winks to the teamwork of a few Avengers that Yes, don’t seem very United by friendship.

Either way, commented with my buddy Juanky, with which I was, how this was a golden era for the superhero. When we read Marvel comics in the 1980s, many thought the great thing that would see them in the cinema and then sheepishly watched Superman, and however that time did not seem to get.

For a while now the story has changed dramatically. Rare is the year that we don’t have two or three blockbusters that made Marvel Studios a giant of cinema entertainment, and the thing now has also been reaching the world of television.

The series about superheroes are legion. Just released Daredevil – who still have not tasted – and then there are others such as Arrow, Flash, Supergirl (for sale). Also had the time – Heroes of the first that I discovered in my fondness for this type of content, and that it was more less, what a pity as it broke-, a eternal Smallville (10 seasons, and I never saw her, I admit), the adventures of Lois and Clark (curiosilla), or legendary series that better not see now as a “Great American hero” early 1980s – and which apparently are preparing a new pilot. Those that add are others pulling this principle of people with superpowers as Alphas – cancelled after two seasons, Misfits, No ordinary family (a season), Los 4400 (three seasons) and even Chuck, although this spy simpaticote perhaps not would enter this category.


But is the world of the cinema which is better drawing the pull, and as I said every year we have three or four blockbusters that have become reef for Hollywood studios and a Marvel and DC have found a treasure between your hands. Warner Bros. already announced a few months ago their roadmap for the next five years with 10 new movies in collaboration with DC (to which are added some more independent of Batman and Superman, but I’ve not ever been DC), while that Marveldid the same shortly afterwards and made clear what their bets for the next years.

In the case of Marvel seems things are ambitious and want to create a “cinematic universe” – the image explains it best, but all three phases are also well explained in this link to Wikipedia – in which films are ultimately interlinked and have certain links both temporary and between their characters. There are fitted for superheroes more and less attractive for everyone (to my movie of the male Ant seems to me a “love, I shrunk the Kids II“), but obviously that will have everything and for everyone. There are many, many commercial interests in such efforts: Marvel Studios (which is Disney since 2009) began to license characters that other movie studios make the movies but saw that the pasta was in own production, and that is precisely what they are making agreements between distributors will mean that little by little there are winks Marvel characters that are outside of your ‘universe’ so that they appear. What is clear is that we have superheroes movies for a while. Now remains to be seen if the golden age of superheroes not it we end up choking, because as in everything, there are movies good, less good, bad, and unfortunate.

And in these last two groups it would put nearly all of Spiderman. Pete deserved something better. By God, load to Spidey.

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Tips for you to start a photo booth kiosk

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - June 13, 2015

If recently you have attended a wedding or big event, you may have discovered a photo booth kiosk. In recent years these kiosks have become popular party accessories for corporate events, weddings, meetings, graduations, parties, events to raise funds and bar mitzvahs. For a few hours, the guests can take as many photos as they want. If you are thinking about starting a business, you can do well with a photo booth kiosk.

  1. It identifies what you need so your business DT. The kiosk rental companies rent the cabin for hours. Company delivers and installs cabin and returns to pick it up after a rental period has expired. An Assistant helps the guests with the operation. If you want to open a kiosk rental business, you have to find a place to shelter them, as well as a trailer to transport them. It is also possible that you want to consider the possibility of hiring an employee to help you in the setting up and administration of booths during events. It expects to pay about $10,000 for the cabin, trailer, photo paper and ink. Another option is owning a fixed photo booth which is located in a shopping mall or a gallery, or hire photo booth melbourne, in which case it is not necessary to a companion.

  2. Contact the City Clerk to obtain a permit from a kiosk. If your booth will be located in a fixed place, also may require a building permit.

  3. Buy your photo booth. Determines the components you want in a booth and then get in touch with a manufacturer (see resources for information on suppliers). While some are still using film, many cabins now work digitally. Digital photo booths processed faster, since they do not use chemical products to develop the film. The factors that you should consider to buy a cabin are: the total weight, the number of people that houses, height, style of the photos, the ease with which it can disarm, photographic funds offering, the computer system, the type of printer and denominations of banknotes accepted. Make sure that the computer and the printer can be replaced quickly if they break. If you are going to rent your cabins, fabric are lightweight and less expensive.

  4. If you intend to place a cabin at a fixed location, contact the management of the venue to discuss the placement of the same.

  5. If you wish to rent your photo booth, create a website for your business. Create a list of prices based on the prices charged by competitors in the area. It details the services and delivery RADIUS. Think of offer logos, custom wallpapers, black and white images, prints Giants and DVD of all images taken at certain events.

  6. Advertise in the conventions of weddings, fairs and community meetings. Consider donating your booths for local events to encourage interest and raise your profile.

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How I make money with paid surveys

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - June 13, 2015

Ganar dinero con encuestas remuneradasHello. On this post I’m going to explain how you can make money with paid surveys month after month. In the home of paid surveys you already explained as I looked for a job from home for my daughter. I could not find work in architecture, for what they had studied, and practically nothing. But he needed money for expenses and to continue to seek a job appropriate to their training. Earn money on the internet was the solution and found it. I’m going to explain how to turn time into money.

Companies need us

In my search I discovered to make money with paid surveys is an activity that is currently being exploited by thousands of people in Latin America (Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Philippines…) and some countries in Europe such as Spain, Andorra and others. It make money online with this activity is possible thanks to the fact that there are multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, and many others, carrying out market research to find out what they think regular consumers of their products and services. These companies are engaged at the same time, companies Ganar dinero en línea con las marcas. Ganar dinero en internet.specialized in marketing and marketing to make studies to people on your products or services, or new products or services to released to the market. These companies conduct studies (surveys) to the general public and they pay for it. If we participate in these studies we can remove party and make web money because we pay for participating in these surveys. Click here if you want to know more about why companies pay money to know my opinion?

What you need to do to get the payments

To start earning money with paid surveys, it is essential to know the websites of these companies that perform marketing and marketing studies. That’s what I did when I looked for the best option to make money with online surveys for my daughter: find the best list of surveys. It is this: surveycool.com

The process that I followed is tremendously simple once you had the key to success, i.e. the list of paid survey companies that works:

  1. Having prepared the essential: separate email account, a good internet connection and a record of what we were doing. Click here for more details of this preparation .
  2. Enroll in many companies better and fill in the profile of each one. We will receive in our email surveys to fill in according to our profile. This step is very important to generate an acceptable volume of surveys and to make sure that we get paid surveys that we are able to respond without too much effort. This is a key step to make money on the internet
  3. Take into account a few basic tricks to automate response operation and win money with surveys paid as soon as possible. With these tips you can fill out surveys that reach you quickly and get make money online.
  4. Ganar dinero con encuestas online: chequeFilled and sent the surveys only receive payment via check or PayPal (service free and secure online money transfer).

This is so simple that I found to get hundreds a month and earn money online. If more money is needed, more time is spent and if it is worth less, dedicates less time. There is a direct relationship between time dedicated and revenues obtained. Is, therefore, a total control, depending on the needs, to make money with online surveys .

The key is “list”. I chose the best.

Since it is a very simple process, the key is in the list of paid surveys is handled. It is necessary to have a revised list periodically to be aware of the new sites are ready to pay for the opinions of its users. It is essential that the list of links is carefully checked to make sure that are active and which companies are still valid.

Ganar dinero webThe list I chose for my daughter is divided into two parts: sites that carried out surveys in Spanish and sites that make them in English.As she speaks both languages multiply your chances of winning money with paid surveys.

As the list is updated frequently, my daughter will enrolling in new companies that appear and leaves those who cease to operate efficiently. That ensures that the time dedicated is really profitable and effective to earn money with paid surveys. This is, really, the sole investment to make, get the list. I was lucky that the best list I found it’s the cheapest and I could do a test with my money-back guarantee. He did not lack, it works so well that I went with them to make money on the internet.

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3 Popular Brisbane Patio Design Options

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - June 13, 2015

Are you planning to incorporate a patio in your residential compound? Well, it must occur to you that there are a lot of options with regard to patio designs at your disposal. This means that you have the freedom to choose the design you consider best and one that matches the surrounding ideally. However, out of the many options, there are 3 of them which tend to be popular and trending in Brisbane. You might find it interesting to adopt either of the designs since the final appearance of your home will most certainly be complemented.

colorbond-metal-roofing-patios colorbond-patio-roofing-brisbane
Before you even decide on which patio design to consider, it is important to first channel your efforts in getting the best designer. It might interest you to know that there are many patio designers within Queensland and Australia at large and not all can be termed best. Choosing the right patio designer makes the whole difference and dictates what to expect in the end.

Below are 3 popular VIP Patio Brisbane design options you can consider:

1. Rose Garden Patio Design
The truth is that a flowery environment makes one feel the taste of nature to the fullest. This is usually so especially if the flowers are beautiful and attractive. The Rose Garden Patio is one of the designs that feature Rose flowers surrounding the dwelling area and also along the pavement. The basic idea here is to create a nice looking landscape for the flowers and other beauty enhancing items.

The good thing about this design is that you can adopt different styles of the same. The first style is that of using rose flowers of a single color. Considering that rose flowers come in different colors, you are privileged to choose one that defines you better. In this case, red, white and orange roses are considered to be the best. You must however ensure that a theme is created to match other things within your compound.

Mixed Rose garden is yet another style to adopt. Like the name goes, you will require getting a variety of rose flowers with different colors and plant them around the resting area and along the pavement. In most cases, mixed rose garden is considered better and more beautiful as compared to others.

what are the benefits of Rose Garden Patio Design?
• Nice scent within the patio area and the compound at large.
• An appealing and great looking theme.
• Creates the sense of nature.

2. Bristo Patio
This is yet another patio design that can work ideally in your Australian home. The design is basically characterized by a free-form landscape and a circular firepit where you can spend free time with your family and friends. The pavement are usually made of concrete though some people opt for tiles. The area around the patio can be surrounded by live-flowers for the sake of proper air circulation and also creating an attractive impression.

Important to note, Bristo Patio can feature two or more resting positions especially if your residential compound is large enough. Each resting place should have the respective pieces of furniture and other complements. Additionally, you can decide to plant shade-trees around the patio to ensure that a cool environment is created. Alternatively, a portable shade can be used especially during the hot months of the year.

Some of the benefits of this patio design include:
• Proper air circulation from the flowers and plants around.
• The design can be used in different landscapes
• Different flowers can be used as a beauty complement.

3. Cozy, Curvy Patio
It is one of the prevailing and trending patio designs you can adopt for your modern home. This patio design is usually an extension to the main house. In most cases, patios that fall under this design feature a fireplace and an open area where furniture can be placed. A permanent shade is also created to ensure that you are not exposed to harsh sun rays or rain.

The good thing about this patio design is that it can work ideally for winter season. This is for the fact that it has a fireplace for utmost warmth and a permanent shade to prevent you from direct exposure to rain or wetness.

The three mentioned patio design ideas can undoubtedly work for your home. All you need is to ensure that the design you have chosen comes as an additional beauty complement for your home. In other words, you should ensure that your patio matches with everything around.

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Love your accountant, your signature as he

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - June 13, 2015

This figure is essential for any business successfully take the management of their finances. However, 88% of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) lacks it in your management tasks, as reported by the company providing enterprise software CONTPAQ i. “Counter does not care only for pay monthly Bookkeeping Services and tax It is more than that for a business it’s who relies on financial management;.. staff, in certain situations, and when you have a management problem if you want to have a healthy financial transaction must think of this resource since the company is created, “says the coordinator of Entrepreneurs Programme of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration of UNAM, Francisco Hernández. working in small and medium-sized (SME) companies is that they give “higher priority to hire a salesperson an accounting services sydney , “without considering that both figures are critical to an internal financial organization, the study The Role of the Formal Financial Management and the Business Incubators for the Financing of young SMEs in Mexico, conducted by specialists from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Higher Monterrey and bankers. Given the tax changes that have been made, and that are submitted (as the change to electronic billing format in 2011), SMEs can not afford to take their own finances. Upon hire this the key questions you should answer the entrepreneurial element are what assure so ?, respond to my needs and what services have to provide me the documents counter ?, and what are the duties and responsibilities of each party shall ?, recommended Francisco Hernández. Takes note of these five recommendations for managing the working relationship with your accountant, in accordance with advice made ​​by the Director and Associate Cord Álvaro Alvaro Gordon, and Entrepreneurs responsible UNAM program.

1. Check their experience . Besides being a qualified accountant, you need certifications from professional associations (such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Mexico). This allows checking that it is updated, for example, tax changes that continually occur. references Ask about their knowledge about your market, the fiscal side and if it audits, including data revealing experience. If possible, contact any of the clients with whom he has worked and solicítale your opinion. ‘s essential that your resume relates experience with independent customers, not just companies. In turn, you must know other areas, such as law, because it may require in the business. Among the most recommended sources for recruiting are the famous “word of mouth” or close to a professional association.

2.Professionalize the working link . ‘Sella’ your relationship with this professional, through a contract for services. Minimum you must provide the following services:. Accounting of your company and calculating your tax liability, including upgrade on changes in taxes and support you if you receive any requirements you may also support other aspects, though that depends on the amount you designate for payment of services, including: design strategies for growth, bring payroll, calculate payments IMSS service, and so on.

3.Organize the paperwork . Financial information that records your business paying taxes is performed.Therefore, it is essential to have a control over it. Basic documents that should give your accountant are: utility bills, proof of income and expenses (in order) a month. As a customer need to receive: a list or financial status register the company (business income and expenses), plus a list of payments (tax) that made ​​the counter and their proof (certified by the appropriate authority), these are: – Income tax (ISR) – Tax Value Added Tax (VAT). – Single Rate Business Tax (flat tax). At one year, should be made ​​36 statements (with respect to taxes and are presented in the Tax Administration SAT); information returns (describing the economic and professional relationships with others); the IMSS (12 per year), and payment of payroll tax, just to mention some aspects to cover. As an entrepreneur, you have to keep track of those papers monthly and no “you remember each” delegating everything to the counter . Any problems suja, bodies such as the Ministry of Finance to the business owner looking for accountability.

4. Watch your money . Many customers tell the counter: “Hey you, pay my taxes, I give access to my checking account.” According to Alvaro Gordon, a rule of thumb is. “Take responsibility for that task personally for any reason a check can be bearer, so you avoid any misuse of resources “The numbers of the company are the responsibility of the entrepreneur, should watch. Therefore it is said that the joint relationship is not more supportive, “he adds.

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Should I continue?

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - April 1, 2013

This blog takes me a long time.

Between my job interviews, my application site to finish my boxing workouts for my next fight and my work sessions with Adonis to prepare his new show at the Olympia, it’s a luxury I can not today hardly offer me.

But this blog is not up to me. No, it is yours and I salute all those who are loyal to him long ago. Thank you, thanks to you my visit counter peaked which I would not have dared to dream, it is for you that I had the courage to continue. And I must admit, at a time when things were going badly, perhaps could I do something stupid without a depressing evening this blog.

Definitely I hesitate to give this blog will miss the blogosphere, you and me.No, I really do not know what to do, my decision will depend on your reactions in the comments.

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I do not smoke, I drink too …

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - April 22, 2007

But I am concerned to hear all over the voice speaking in favor of a ban on tobacco sales and greater regulation of alcohol consumption.

And I ask you, what government plan, there, “fight against addiction to tobacco, alcohol or cannabis” … frankly, is that it is serious?
Especially since there it is, more and more people stop smoking. Bravo, the damage is already done, there’s something to be proud, here!

Because for me the tobacco and alcohol are now more valuable than ever for our company. In fact I do not even see where the problem is.

Normally, when you leave it, the basic reaction is: “Ugh … another will understand that when one of his relatives will die of smoking And yet..
And even economically it not take his thing 50. % who die there, not to mention the astronomical spending on cancer treatments, talk about a profit. ”

It’s so predictable I gently laughs.
Yes, it’s amazing how you can be fooled by talk peddled by leftist sissies. And vision moralist.

. Because the savings to tobacco and alcohol are beautiful and well colossal
The system is simple to understand: overwhelmingly, people die of these cancers roughly speaking around the age of retirement. So to compare the amount spent addicted to cigarettes is taken from one side: chemo, hospitalization and other medical whatnot.
On the other side, just do the following calculation:
A person who dies of a these cancers has lost what? 15 or 20 years of life expectancy? the state would logically have had to pay him a monthly pension.
To find out what the state saved, so just take the average amount of retirement, multiply it by 12 months, followed by 15 or 20 years …
Yes, it’s a staggering amount, and it is much saved for the taxpayer. Marlboro thank you.

But to me it must go further.
Because the real challenge lies ahead tomorrow is still the baby-boom.

… The cohort sixties.
They flirted on Sheila, some have fantasized about Sherryl Karen (if at one time it was possible), they are collectively responsible for the fashion of the 80s, they spent 40 recent years to self-congratulations for May 68. And they will stop working. Even if the economy is morribonde, even if they still have a good 20 years to live.
Faced with this, what do we do?
An in-depth reform of the pension fund allocation? A massive development of services and entertainment for seniors, just to encourage them to continue to consume and keep the economy?

No, it is not enough.
For me the solution can pass through reform pioneering and courageous: the legalization of hard drugs from 60 years. I also propose to accompany this device a distribution organized by the State of crack pipes for each retirement, with the first free doses.

In 2007, vote for me.

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No more kindness, sensitivity to the toilet!

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - June 22, 2005

Following my last post, I received a message of support nombreu that made me do chau heart. Well swat, you won, I continue.

But beware, I decided to give a new direction to my blog. Because I talked with lots of friends who know a max girls (Victor example, in addition it seems that he has already made love). And they all told me that if I had trouble finding a girlfriend, it’s because I was much too nice to the girls. Yeah categorical if I continue like this to remain a kind and respectful man, I am condemned to grope me alone until I die. So now this blog will become more mature, it is a new El Riiico who arrives with a new approach girls.

Girl who reads this blog knows that El Riiico2.0 will never respect you. To me, you’re an idiot and will remain, despicable and uninteresting. You got that shit tastes, do not you know you dress up and you got a fat ass if I do not see how you ever find a guy. Nan but true huh, look at yourself, who would go out with you? You think you’d turn on a guy, right? And not you tired even to try to compensate for your physical something else you’re interested in anything, or you’ve got the likes of shit. And I even talking about your conversation you content yourself with comment and repeat the bullshit that pass on TV. Dismal, like your sad and repetitive quotidient of brave sheep.

No sorry, even if it is true that some cock shots in your soft ass would put some rhythm in your life, I do not see how I could get interested in you.

That radasse, answer me at my address. But before this is not to say, I know but do something, your vulva whip it smells here.

PS: If you want to know what I look like, I also put a self-portrait .

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The absolute eroticism

Life Rambling - Eric Rogé - April 22, 2005

Yesterday, on my way to bike to a family lunch, I spotted on my way a little clean and tidy car, which had its rear window sticker with a pixelated babane dancing. Yes, an enlargement of this animated gif found on all tasteful sites:


A bit puzzled, I stop time for a red light at the height of the driver. And there, at the wheel I discovered a great mimie girl, completely unbridled on “Everyone does-is-doing what pleases-please-please him” with his mounted at the bottom. Petite, brunette with glasses with thick black frames and a dark gray shirt simple but suits him well.

There, normal, like any guy who crosses my way down the street a girl he likes, I do nothing. And I start to imagine guys in classic fantasies both playing with a dog in a park, typing on us to one of my boxing workouts, taking us through a finger during a walk to the zoo Saturday afternoon, we threw one over the other in the middle of some small horses madly making love on the Sandy Valentino. But after I lost a moment in my dreams with look into space, I come back to reality and threw him one last look before the imminent green light. It is now abundantly cure the right nostril.
In a dried crust comes out pretty nice size.
And surreptitiously rushes.

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